Access to Healthcare in Canada

Waiting for care remains the number one barrier to access of healthcare in Canada followed by difficulties in getting an appointment. In 2005, the median waiting time was about 4 weeks for a specialist, 4 weeks for non-emergency surgery and 3 weeks for diagnostic tests. Most patients receive specialized services within three months. It is obvious that when it comes to healthcare deciding which one is good or bad comes down to the quality and an individual’s ability to pay.

For people struggling to meet their daily needs, a universal healthcare system would be more appealing, but to people who can afford to pay their way, then a privately funded system is the way to go. However, regardless of one’s stand on healthcare, quality is what it comes down to. Critics have downplayed the healthcare system in Canada complaining about the wait times and the high taxation on its citizens and they would rather have a privately funded healthcare system.

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However, the critics have not come up with a solution on how privately funded healthcare systems will cater for the citizens who cannot meet the high costs of a privately funded system. They say the grass is greener on the other side, while Canadians are scared thinking that it will be almost impossible to sustain their healthcare system using the single payer system, countries such as America which have a multi-payer system are now also trying to go the Canadian way.

Hence, when it comes to healthcare, it is important that the government focuses on high tech, quick, professional, affordable, skilled, innovative healthcare system, but to get all these into one healthcare system is where the challenge begins. The way forward in healthcare is in intensive research and innovation to find cheaper ways of providing healthcare, and in the meantime if it is not broken do not fix it but if you have millions of uninsured citizens who simply cannot afford healthcare then that shows a problem in the system that should be fixed.

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