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Abstract The purpose of this assignment was to intermix what I have learned during the semester, use those skills and information to conduct an interview. This assignment is meant to increase my understanding of how differences in two people lives can influence interpersonal communication. The instructions were to go outside my “comfort zone”interview someone I just met. Since I decided to pick someone that I already knew.  I made sure to he was someone that’s not a close family/ friend. The person you interview is supposed to be from a different race, gender, and/ or religion than you. In my case, I am a 21-year-old African- American female, born in Virginia. The individual that I have conducted my interview with was a 34-year-old male who was born on the US Virgin Islands.  this interview is between Michael Fonseca and I. During the interview I asked him a variety of questions about the culture he grew up in, his experiences now and his history in the US Virgin Islands. I concluded the paper with background information based on the answers I got back from Mr. Fonseca. INTRODUCTION I have known Michael (Mike) Fonseca for about a month now. He is one of the head chiefs at my job. I chose Mike to be my interviewee because he fit the criteria I was looking for. We are different in almost every aspect except having a common place of employment. While at work he would tell stories from his childhood and what it’s like where he grew up. I thought it would be interesting to learn more about one of my coworkers. For this interview to take place, I had to separate the interviews into two sections. I started to ask the questions in person but we both ended up needing to cut it short, so the rest of the interview had to be conducted through email. During the interview, I asked him the questions and after I received all my answers he went over and added his “personal touch” into the answers.


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