Abstract: covers North-West Europe, Middle East, South Europe,


My project is about
Globalization. I will summarize globalization with clear and simple concepts. I
will also discuss it in modern world and the past world and it also includes
projects like CPEC and some other projects.

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Globalization is
basically the interaction between peoples, states and countries through money
increasing projects which increase the benefits of the countries involves in
that project. Let’s take a look at the 13th century world presented
by Janet Abu-Laughed which covers North-West Europe, Middle East, South Europe,
Western India, Mongol Empire, China, Egypt but actually globalization is older
than 13th century world because globalization is here since the era
of Indus valley civilization in the third millennium BC.
After that globalization is divided into three periods by Thomas Friedman (i).
From 1492 to 1800 (ii) From 1800 to 2000 (iii) From 2000 to present

Now, there was and there
is a lot of projects in those era’s which are mentioned above like East India
Company in 1600 and ancient Greek Olympic games. Now in modern era Japan export
car parts (best car parts) to almost whole World including America.

Today Globalization is turning the World into a Global village where every
country starting new economic projects which includes multiple countries like
CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) and many other projects like CPEC like
CBEC (China Bhutan Economic Corridor) etc.
which means that China is investing in Pakistan and Bhutan and many other
countries to make it trade routes easy for trading to the other world.

Some more examples include,
World Trade Organization (WTO) which supervise world trade (international
level), N.A.F.T.A (The North America Free Trade Agreement) which covers North
America’s Trade, McDonald’s Food chain around the world.

In technology, there are
multiple examples of globalization which includes, Internet, Global news
channels, Military Co-operation around the world.

Globalization is also the
interaction among people of different countries like FIFA World Cup
in which people from all around the world gather together in a ground to
support their favorite teams and they also interacts with other countries
culture. Travel and Tourism is also an amazing example of globalization where
people invest their money in order to get knowledge and culture of other

Military perform a lot of
operations all over the world especially US Army during cold war tried to
invade Vietnam and Korea.
After that they’ve tried a lot of operations in IRAQ and Afghanistan for their
own interest like oil, gold and to control and break the whole countries from

Revolutionary Globalization:

This modern globalization
includes the petroleum industry, industrial areas and import and export of
chemicals between different countries and in this many countries tries to
invest money in one country or one individual country invest money in different
industries of different countries to modernize itself and in return give
billions of dollars of currency to the other.
Many countries are working in other countries to gain chemical to make itself a
defensive wall against other enemy countries and they utilize the gained
chemicals to make biological weapons, and other chemical warfare material for
defensive and attack use. Industrial countries include, Ukraine, Iran, America,
Russia, Siberia, Serbia etc.

Another modern
globalization includes CNN which covers almost whole world and keep an eye on
world’s news and present epic news through its journalists and camera work and
there are offices of CNN in every country for broadcast purposes and they then
broadcast news from all over the world through one channel and they broadcast

YouTube is also an
excellent example of revolutionary globalization where a person can see almost
every country’s culture and activities in the form of active graphics or video
in high quality. We can see news, dramas, movies and almost everything by
sitting in front of a screen.

Google is also a huge
informational website and also a part of modern globalization and revolutionary
era in which a person writes something or something for its own interest and
get information and can read novels, magazines and articles also now on your
cell phones and tablet devices.


Many countries help each
other to make nuclear weapons for defensive and aggressive purposes like
recently North Korea is the hottest region because it contains hydrogen warfare
weapons with the help of China and Pakistan and now North Korea is terrorizing
America and South Korea by showing defensive ballistic missiles and aggressive weaponry
to terrorize both countries and it is still spending a lot of money on these


Economic globalization is
also an important factor for a lot of countries like China is investing money
in Pakistan and making a route (basically a short route for trading) and by
this China will reach warm water easily and it will expand its trade routes to
the World to export its technology and other stuff to the world and it will
give a lot of benefits to the Pakistan economy by its own trade.
But China is playing a polite politics with India by covering china from
everywhere because China is currently working in Pakistan’s port (GAWADAR
PORT), Bhutan, Bangladesh and 2 more South Asian countries which is dangerous
for India.

Olympics is also an
important part of globalization because people from all over the world join the
venue to view international games almost every country invest money on their
players and then these players participate in the games to promote a patriotism
for their own country. The venue country earns a lot of money from the games.

Pakistan is also famous
for its culture and natural beauty people from all over the world visit
Pakistan every year to enjoy their stay in Northern Areas and they also enjoy
culture of morendo dare and Taxila museum to see the culture and they also
visit Indus valley civilization.

There is also religious
gathering like Hajj where Muslims from all over the world gather at Makkah and
Medina to perform sacred religious ritual there.

We’ve discussed globalization with depth and we’ve learned that how countries
invest money in other countries for their interest and benefits. How China is
an important country in globalization and how China is investing for its trade


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