Abstract: attract their students’ attention. The most important

Abstract: This paper is going to show some strategies and methods recently applied in some institutes around the world. Those methods, if applied, in our institutes will help instructors to change their teaching methods and make their classes interesting and information given stays with their students long even after they leave the classroom. Instructors biggest challenge is to attract students’ attention and present ideas in such a way that stay with their students long after they leave the classroom. For this to happen, the classroom experience should be redefined and innovative ideas should be implemented that would make teaching methods more effective.Keywords: Innovative Techniques, attention and present ideas.1. INTRODUCTIONTeaching methods and techniques have been of great importance for the classroom teaching process, so educators have focused more of their research efforts over the last century on different teaching methods and their benefits in achieving desired learning outcomes for learners in different educational stages.This interest in teaching methods led to the spread of the saying ” A successful teacher is only a successful way “. Teachers are trained to train their students to use different teaching methods to achieve the objectives of teaching easily and successfully, so the oldest definition of the method of teaching refers to being the easiest ways to teach and learn.Teachers’ biggest challenge is to attract their students’ attention. The most important question here is ” What is innovative teaching and how can instructors implement it into their classes?” Innovative teaching is a proactive approach to integrate new teaching methods into the classroom. For this to happen the classroom experience ought to be changed and inventive ideas should be actualized that will help teaching methods to be more powerful. Below are some creative ideas that will enable instructors to reinvent their teaching strategies and make their classes fascinating.2. CLICKERSOne of the most successful methods is called ” CLICKERS “. Collage instructors, specially those teaching large lecture courses, often wonder how can they know whether their students are following them during class. Other instructors are troubled by the fact of having a few manipulative students, who don’t participate in class discussion under many fake excuses. Other instructors wonder how they get really honest answers from students on controversial topics. These instructors have found the best solution by using the technology of classroom response system called Clickers. Professor Ian Beaty at Massachusetts said, ” Classroom response system can serve as catalysts for creating a more instructive,


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