ABSTACT marijuana in about the next few years.


One main top story in America’s
media right now is the legalization of Marijuana. Our country has been writing
and rewriting legislation back and forth on legalizing Marijuana. Our country
never has never been up in arms about something like this since taking away
American citizens guns. In order to accept such a thing as this as a Domestic
industry, the pros and cons have to be weighed out because of the ethical and morality
issues involved.

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So far science and continued
research are proving that marijuana use can significally change the way people
look at. Be it science, industry, medical and medicine, not to mention the
Revenues that legalizing marijuana will bring to each state. Legalized
marijuana or weed for recreational already exist in several states in the US,
including Colorado and Washington, where voters passed ballot to legalize it.
Considering that weed is considered a dangerous drug more

More nowadays, than before I think,
because of the many lab created strains than were available in the pasts. Then,
marijuana was not seen as helpful medically. It was only another dangerous drug
that really wasn’t nothing but a mild, gateway drug, if you will. The move to legalize
it has raised plenty of questions and has become a hot topic in the U.S. So, my
question; Is this a wise or wrong move? The pros and cons of legalizing
marijuana are staggering, with the pro’s sounding ridiculously economically
sound. Here are some pros and cons of legalizing weed that I have researched to
help come up with an informed answer; about 14 states will legalize marijuana
in about the next few years. That’s a whopping $10.6 billion dollars by 2022,

Averages around 3.6 million daily users. In the state of
Colorado alone, it made well over a million in the first DAY of legalizing!
Staggering indeed…that’s a $507 million early forecast yearly. Of that will



-$67 million per year annual tax

-$27.5 million for school construction.

-$6 million for state/local

Leaving $33.5 million for
regulation, prevention, and education.

There will be a boost in jobs to
support the cannabis industry, like farming and cultivation, trade, shipping,
making of paraphernalia, and stuff for tourism. A lot of Americans live in
states where pot laws are forever inching towards them little by little. As
demands increase, there will be more pot farms and industry thus less
government burns, millions of plants confiscated because of domestic growth
stops pot smuggling from overseas. Also, there will eventually be an overall
price drop on high quality pot from about $375.oz to $38.oz dollars. Legalizing
could also curb

Drinking and its associated costs.
According to some economics study; Alcohol and marijuana are substitutes, not
compliments. As we take a closer look at more pros of legalizing weed, we will
in a clearer sense, see a better painted picture of best part of legalizing,
compared to not legalizing.

Lists of some Pros:

Boost in Revenue.

As governments struggle with
decreased revenue and rising costs, they look for creative ways to boost income
to fund projects, such as new parks and road repairs. Now, some people


 believe that the
legalization of weed could be revenue generator in the form of new taxes
applied to its sale and distribution.

2. More Effective Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement.

 Legalization advocates claim that the move
will provide police officers more money and time to go after criminals
committing other crimes, such as violence. They even argue that it would create
wiggle room in the criminal justice system, which allows judges and prosecutors
to focus more on violent crimes, while crowded prisons are freed of space.

3. Less Money to Support Organized Crime.

It is believed that legalizing
recreational weed will cut off a revenue stream for illegal drug traders.
Advocates contend that making the substance less profitable for criminals will
result to a decrease in violence associated with the trade. This would save
lives while taking the weight off from law enforcers.

4. Safety Controls.

 When a person buys weed off the street, there
is no way he would exactly know what dangerous substances are cut into it. On
the other hand, current legalization efforts create a framework for a safety
control system, which will work to get rid of the risk coming from smoking

5. Wider Access for Medicinal Use

People inside and outside the
medical field argue that marijuana is effective in treating a range of health
conditions, including Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis (MS) and
posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In many states, including Massachusetts,
California and


 New Jersey, it is legal to use medical
marijuana under certain guidelines. This means more people will be free to use
the drug for its believed health benefits.

6. Medical Benefits for Cancer Patients.

previously mentioned, marijuana brings about a number of medical benefits.
However, the most notable of them all is the treatment of patients who are
undergoing chemotherapy. This is the reason why certain states, such as
California, have implemented initiatives for the legalization of the drug for
medicinal purposes.

7. Personal Freedom.

           By limiting
the use of marijuana, we are intruding on personal freedom. Even if the drug is
shown to have harmful effects, it is still the right of every individual to
decide what harms him or not. Smoking weed is generally considered as a
“victimless crime”, where only the user is at risk of experiencing the effects.
However, morality could not be legislated when people disagree about what is
considered “moral”.

8. Reduced Street Justice Related to Drug Disputes.

 Currently, you cannot call the police or any
lawyer to litigate if someone in the drug trade screws you over. Instead, you
must settle the dispute yourself, which often leads to a cycle of retaliatory
violence. But with legalization, proper means to settle disputes would be

9. Loss of Business for Drug Dealers (Including Terrorists).



The movement to legalize weed is
already a reality in some areas, and soon to be the whole country. Though it
has it pros and cons, the important thing is for local governments, judicial
systems, law enforcement officials and addiction treatment specialists to work
together to create communities that will be free from marijuana addiction and
its other unfavorable effects. I still Believe that weed can be a vital tool in
fighting a lot of medical issues without the high that voters are pushing for,
but we as Americans cannot take one without the other. Fact is without the ill
effects of getting high, the industry wouldn’t bring the revenue that drives
this campaign. It is quite ironic, but perhaps the worst opponents of weed
legalization are drug dealers themselves. Due to the absence of competition and
high street prices, they are making enormous sums of money. But through
legalization, there will be open competition and lower prices, so drug cartels,
which might include terrorists, would lose some or even all of their business.
Now this all might sound very convincing, but what of our youths, and the moral
values that are taught to them only to have them forgotten in a fog of smoke.
The cons of this debate is surely being overlooked in the name of revenue.


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