Aaron that males are aggressive and competitve and

    Aaron Devor focuses
on the features of world of masculinity and femininity and their different
gender role behaviors.His examinations for some roles behaviors about
masculinity and femininity are based on gender discrimination.  According to author
there are gender signals that traditionally define how boys and girls should
look and act.This determinations are not natural but cultural and social
constructs. Devor argues that while classical characteristics of masculinity are
aggressive,self confidence, dominance ,traditional signs of femininity are characterized
by passivity,silence, politeness and submission.  He highlights effects of
advertisements on representation of gender roles. These advertisements
generally reflect masculinity as concerned with egoistic dominance and
femininity as striving for cooperation or communion.  In article he gives examples of magazines’
advertisements which show that males are aggressive and competitve and
therefore will dominate over females. He
supports the idea that media causes people to believe that women and men behaviors
are the results of socially directed hormonal instructions .To conclusion,these
ideal images identify that women want to have children and then find themselves
helpless and dependent on men for support and protection.

    This article is
useful for my research because author explains gender roles,masculinity and
femininity behaviors.He argues that advertisements have influences on beliefs
of society about gender role behaviors. He uses 
examples of advertisements and he describes that the physical proximity
between men and women, and the manner in which their body postures,facial
expressions represent men’s domination over women and the weakness of women.
Limitation of the article is that he does not mention about other functions for
construction of gender roles such as family, school,work.

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