A) users. Topic Desktop Laptop Cost Desktop can

A) Hardware:

i)Laptops and/or desktops to purchase for users.

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can be purchased for only $400 for a full set and can still be a powerful

are more limited compared to desktop. To get a more powerful laptop in term
of speed, graphics and storage, etc. The user must be willing to spend a lot
more. The starting price of a low-end laptop is about $1000.


are not designed to be carried around. It will be very cumbersome if do so.

Desktop, Laptop are designed to be carried around due to its small size and
light weight.


processors are bigger in size however also more powerful compared to laptop
processors. Newer and more advanced processors are normally available for
desktop first.

processors are usually not as good as desktop processors and also if user
want to buy processors on par with a desktop processor, laptop processors
will be more expensive.


components in desktop are removeable, making it convenient to upgrade and not
mentioning that desktop cases are normally much bigger and spacious, they are
easier to work on when doing any upgrade.

and hard drive are about the only component removeable that can be upgraded
in a laptop. The remaining component are built-in and are not removeable.


a desktop computer is much easier as the idea is same as upgrading because
the components are easily removeable and replaceable.

a laptop can be very difficult and finding a replacement part often requires
calling the computer manufacturer or buying another laptop.

Reference: https://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch001399.htm

Ignoring other
comparisons such as screen size, keyboard and gaming purposes because it does
not affect working experiences.
Since desktop are overall better from price to performance, I will be buying 20
desktops, one for each user. Now that I have decided that desktop is better, I
will now compare CPUs and the best desktop with best price for workstations.






Polywell B250-i7

Cerise Circular Computer

Dell OptiPlex 5050 Micro


Core i7-7700T

Core i7-6700K

Core i5-7600T














HD Graphics 630

GeForce GTX 1070

HD Graphics 630



10 Pro

10 Pro





Comparing the Processor
and the RAM, Intel Core i7 with a ram of 8 GB will be my recommendation. This
is because in the case where the company use computer for heavy duty such as
heavy video editing. Other than that Intel core of i5 with RAM of 8 GB will be

For the Graphic card.
Intel HD Graphics 630 will be able to handle because Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 is
too luxurious as it is normally used to and for gaming purposes, which is not
that case now.

For Storage, 256 GB will
be enough as external hard drive can also be used incase of storage shortage
and 1480 GB is normally used for gaming computer as games can take up a lot of

In conclusion, Dell
OptiPlex 5050 Micro is best suited and will be my recommendation.

Reference: https://gadgets.ndtv.com/laptops/features/windows-10-home-vs-windows-10-pro-differences-new-features-718532


Price=$965 x 20 = $19,300







ii)Enterprise Servers.

T30 Mini Tower Server: Intel Xeon E3-1225 v5 3.3Ghz Quad Core. 8GB RAM. 1TB

-The PowerEdge T30 server, by storing
information, the server helps you improve access to information, simplify
processes by categorizing the data and get more done in less time. 

-The PowerEdge T30
server have a large internal storage capacity and capable performance into a
mini-tower chassis designed to deliver efficient and worry-free operation. With
the T30, data and applications from multiple desktops, workstations and mobile
devices can be consolidated onto a single server to boost collaboration and productivity.

-With its compact size
and low sound levels, the T30 easily installs in your small office/home office
environment and operates non-disruptively.

-With or without an IT
staff, the T30 makes it easy to secure your data and files with software RAID
and optional backup restore solutions.

Price: $349

PowerEdge T440 Tower Server:

-Adapt to changing
workloads with the versatile PowerEdge T440, an ideal entry-level server for
small-to mid-sized business (SMB) and remote office/branch office (ROBO) sites.
The T440 brings you flexibility with a rack able tower form factor, short
22-inch depth and quiet acoustics that are right for your office or data
center. Meet your unique requirements with future-proof performance, capacity
and I/O options. 

-Designed to grow with
you, the PowerEdge T440 server is built on a scalable business architecture so
you can continually optimize your performance and capacity. Outstanding
efficiency helps you keep operating expenses in check as your requirements

-Dell EMC Open Manage
intelligent automation enables you to spend less time on routine maintenance so
you can focus on business-critical priorities.

-A comprehensive, cyber-resilient
architecture with security embedded into every server helps to protect your

Price: $1839

PowerEdge T640 Tower Server:

-The PowerEdge T640 is a versatile,
powerhouse server ideal for mid-sized offices, remote sites and data centers.
The T640 combines powerful performance and massive internal storage capacity in
a rack or tower platform. Address a wide range of workloads and future-proof
your data center with flexible storage, performance and I/O options.

-Meet evolving business needs with
the scalable business architecture of the PowerEdge T640. Accelerate demanding
workloads and plan for future growth with cost-effective, in-server expansion.

-Dell Open Manage intelligent
automation enables you to spend less time on routine maintenance so you can
focus on business-critical priorities.

-A comprehensive, cyber-resilient
architecture with security embedded into every server helps to protect your

Price: $2149

T30 Mini Tower Server is a server
used for small businesses and it does not security built-in unlike T440 Tower
Server and T640 Tower Server. Both T440 and T640 are powerful, they allow
improvement in internal component and adequate internal storage as there are
only 20 employees spread out to 3 countries with good performance and speed.
However, T640 is more versatile and scalable for a business that is growing. Hence,
I will recommend buying T640 Tower Server.

Price: $2149 x 6 = $6447

Reference: http://www.dell.com/en-us/work/shop/dell-poweredge-servers/sc/servers

iii)Mobile Devices:

Mobile Devices are mainly used as a
form of communication and some special features of a phone will not be needed
however advanced security features will be needed. PIN or pattern password will
not be advised to used as password like this are easily leaked to external
user. Hence, Finger Print and Face recognize Security features are what I am
looking for. For this I recommend Samsung Galaxy S8. In addition to the
security feature, it has good front camera of 8 megapixel with smart auto focus
if facetime were used for communication between colleagues. It also has a very
clear rear camera of 12 megapixel that is second compared to the best phone
camera of 16megapixel now. Not only that, Samsung also included an iris
scanning method which uses sensors on the front of the phone to identify users
and unlock the device. It is considered one of the most secured biometric
method we have available, and we can use it for everything from unlocking the
device to authenticating purchase with something called “Samsung Pay”. With
that in mind, it is also affordable with a price of $730.

Price: $730 x 6 = $4380





B) Software:

i) I will recommend Windows 10 Pro
for the operating system for all the computers.

The Pro edition of Windows 10 covers
not only all of Home edition’s features, it also offers more features such as
Domain Join, Group Policy Management, Bit locker, Enterprise Mode Internet
Explorer , Assigned Access 8.1, Remote Desktop, Client Hyper-V, and Direct

Assigned Access 8.1, allows owners to deny or
allow access from users to access specific apps. BitLocker lets you encrypt
your external USB-drives. You also get tools that navigate smoothly while
joining Azure Active Directory, and a Business Store for Windows 10.

While Windows 10 Home and Pro are
direct paths for retail users, there are other variants of Windows 10 as well
like Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Student. The Enterprise edition, is
meant for medium and large organizations by meeting their demands. It comes
with even more complexed features such as Device Guard, which gives a company
the ability to lock down devices. Not like the other two Windows 10 Editions,
the Enterprise version won’t be available for sale in retail stores. Instead,
it will be sold through volume licensing.

The Windows 10 Education edition is designed students,
teachers and staffs. The edition comes with most of Enterprise edition’s
feature. However, it is not available on sale at retail stores, though, and
will be seeded out through academic volume licensing.

Speaking of other Windows 10 editions, we also
have Windows 10 Mobile, and Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise. As their names
suggest, both are designed to empower smartphones and not the desktop platform.
Microsoft is also releasing Windows 10 Core, an operating system for Internet
of Things devices.

Price: $199 x 20 = $3980

ii) I will be using anti-virus software for the mobile
devices. The two anti-virus software I will be choosing will be the two most
software, Norton Security with a preview of 9.1/10 and Total AV Security with a
preview of 9.8/10.

I will be comparing the difference between these two

Total AV






Device Backup


to Use

Easy to Use

Total AV also helps to improve browsing experience by
removing unwanted cache file and old history and enhance system performance
identifying errors and programs that slow the computer down.

In my opinion, if the desktop is not slow, fast speed
will be a want and not a need. I will recommend buying Norton as it has all the
necessary features that the company needs and it is also cheaper.

Price: $129 x 6 = $774(for all devices)


Reference: http://top10bestantivirusprotection.com/home?var1=49129355924=242443525121=anti%20virus=p=14921160728031825574=sg=ig4=Cj0KCQiAhrbTBRCFARIsACY7MW13dEr6KSeHVOg70HaSPlMxyCrjlWLFG2nSzzXmx00ij9h3WQRpoMUaAqCHEALw_wcB

iii) For Office Soft Suites I will buy Office 365 Business

Office 365 business premium has a business class email
with 50GB storage, HD video conferencing, Desktop version of Outlook, Word,
Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, plus Access and Publisher for PC only. It has also
1TB OneDrive Storage. It only costs S$16.70 per user/monthly.

Price: ($16.70 x 12) x 20 = $4008

Reference: https://www.microsoft.com/en-sg/store/b/office?invsrc=search=AID620866_SEM_WO7w7AAABCfuUBjn%3a20180128092549%3as=AL!4249!3!231418530142!b!!g!!%2boffice+%2bsoftware=WO7w7AAABCfuUBjn%3a20180128092549%3as=tab:business


PRICE: $19,300 + $6447 + $4380 + $3980 + $774
+ $4008 = $38,889


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