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A friend of mine has depression, but no one knew about it because she was always smiling and had good grades. One time she tried to commit suicide and left a message only to her friend, who called her mum. It was so surprisingthat she was suffering from depression for a long time. I was shocked because she did not look like someone who needs help. When I heard it my first thought was if is it even possible to be that buoyant and have so much pain in herself. This happening helped me to decide to apply for psychology and learn about our brain and diseases connected with it.My interest in psychology was since I remember, when other girls were playing Barbie dolls, I was head of a hospital department and was helping to toys who were dissatisfied with themselves.Working for people and with people satisfies the need for contact with another human and desire to help. Due to psychology we not only will know another person but also we have an opportunity to better know ourselves. Helping people who do not know themselves well and have problems with self-acceptance.While working as a babysitter I was responsible for a 5-year-old girl. I had to help her with  homeworks and take care of her. This job taught me to be accountable to another person and patience. In high school, I was volunteering at an animal shelter, where I have seen a lot of animals in pain. This experiences learned me empathy, teamwork and that we should support everyone who needs a hand.In high school, I was organizing a collection for children who spend most of their time in the hospital because of their diseases.In school, we were collecting toys, coloring books, and many other things. Even when they have got small gifts they were enjoying them. I got a hang of communication with children. They thought me that we do not have to be afraid express our feelings, we have to be candid and direct.Board games are my hobby, because they help me to develop abilities to think logically, planning and to have everything organized and arranged. I spend my free time on increasing my knowledge of psychology and human brain by watching psychological films. My favorite movie is ” Black Swan”, which tells the story of American ballerinas who are performing in ” Swan Lake”. One of them is cut out for a white swan and another for black, but they start to rival. The play where they are playing is not a stage version of the ballet, but it becomes a background to a schizophrenic division of ballerina. She tries to play a perfect role in this show and it brings her to insanity. The film shows how people are changing in the way to become perfect and start to treat their body as a part of a job. It showed me a perspective of a perfect girl who lost herself.My career plan is to become neuropsychologist because this job concentrates mostly on the brain, which is an organ which controls all body. Studying psychology will help to better know the work of the brain, human emotions and I will be able to help people who are in need. Studies will teach me how to work with people who need support with their life and emotions.


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