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A dream, a hope for our future or something we wish would happen. Everyone has dreams, wether it is about becoming a doctor and saving patients life or about becoming a celebrity and enjoying a luxurious life. As a child I also have always had many dreams and goals in my life. I have now realised that we cannot always have what we want in our lives. Because everyone wants to aim for the best in all there dreams, but as we grow older we realise that not everything is that easy. It is really important to be successful in order to fulfil those dreams in our lives. Dreams help us in shaping our future. In childhood, dreams were more like may I get lots of barbie dolls, a bungalow and luxurious life, but now the definition of my dreams has compelety changed. Now, my dreams are more like I want to be successful in life, so I just want my life to be like go to my clinic at nine in the morning, help my patients with my all attention, come back at seven and spend time with my family. Now I have realised that dreams can be only fulfilled when you plan it and goal for them. My dreams are more like my parents dream, they want to see me as a doctor from my childhood. As I got older, my future ambitions started changing, its like I want to do everything at the same time. Now, I am interested in medical, fashion, army etc. My sister says that I will be a really successful lawyer because I always fight for my point and never let anyone else win the argument, but I never see myself as a lawyer. I want to be a doctor because my parents want to see me as a doctor, but I still can’t tell what my heart really says.I still have time of two years to really decide I want to be. I always ponder over it many times in my free time but can’t reach the conclusion. My biggest dream is to be always with my family, I never want to leave them because now I have understand their real importance in my life. That love, care and devotion for me from my beloved is the thing I can’t find anywhere else. Being adventurous gives me spirit of doing new and random things. Its better to be on the mountains and scream your name in the valley than to just sitting on the couch watching tv. So, this gives me the courage to be aan explorer. I also want to go to the mountains and enoy everything there because everything there is just so natural and different from the metropolitan cities. My one of the dreams is to visit the Leh-Ladakh and Darjeeling. These are just so much as there you get to do the things that you can’t do in the other cities. These places relaxing and freshens the mind too. The exploration of new culture, places, clothes, etc. is one of my favourite things to do. Exploring new things has always been my things. It just gives you so much knowledge about new countries and their culture, religion etc.I love learning new languages, it’s my dream to learn over 20 languages. Mainly the least spoken languages. Its always been fun to learn new thing sto me because I’m from Delhi, its a city where people live from aalll over India. So it has been an advantage for me to learn about new culture and places. Mostly I love learning about the cultures, as every place has its own culture which is always fun to know. For me it mostly increases my knowledge and my way of thinking about the city or country. I am not totally sure what I want to be in the future but I have interest in so many  things that now I’m confuse what I should be in the future.  SInce y childhood, I always wanted to be a doctor but now, I don’t think I’m interested in it. I know its really important to decide your future now and what you really want to be. As many times I think about what I want to be I get confused and frustrated with this whole concept of becoming successful in the life. If I imagine myself being a doctor, I find so many things that I can’t sacrifice but have to. Like I can’t take too many holidays and as I’m adventurous too I can’t go out for too many days, also I will not be able to spend too much time with my family. In total, I will not be able to live my life as I really want to live it. Basically, there will be chain in my legs that will stop me from enjoying my life.If I decide to be an explorer, I can’t be that because it takes time and money to do the exploration and if I want to explore any place or thing I want spend only my money on that and don’t want to use my parents money for my enjoyment so for that I must do a job that pays good money and collect that money.


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