A show how much fossil fuels are polluting

A strong interest
in renewable energy sources came from general awareness of humankind. People
are realizing what they are doing to the Earth by activities all of us perform
while living in this planet previous 30 years. Currently, 80% of global energy
needs or 66% of power supply are fossil fuel-based. It is widely known that
fossil fuels are very polluting sources of energy. In the further text it will
be show how much fossil fuels are polluting this planet. Furthermore, global
energy systems currently represent 60% of total current greenhouse emissions.
This means that energy systems are polluting 60% of greenhouse. But this is not
the end, because it is predicted that world’s energy needs will increase by
almost 60% in 2030. When we add up all the numbers it will be very clear to us
that fossil fuels are not the future for this world. In the years ahead,
environmental change will significantly affect each part of the everyday lives
of every person – potentially more noteworthy even than war. Moving
precipitation examples and sea streams could change where and how sustenance
crops develop. On the off chance that icecaps liquefy and low-lying territories
are overwhelmed, as is anticipated, whole populaces could be compelled to move
to higher ground. The tidal wave of 2004 and Storm Katrina, in 2005, gave
distinctive cases of what substantial scale climactic disasters involve. RES
are the solution to polluting this world and making it greener and cleaner
place to live. It is in everyone’s interest to invest and believe in renewable
sources of energy. This is recognized by governments in the world, so they
tried to find incentives for citizens to join to the path of renewable energy

Feed-in tariffs

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Feed-in tariffs (FIT)
systems are
characterized by a specific price, normally set for a period of around several
years that must be paid by electricity companies, usually distributors, to
domestic producers of green electricity. The additional costs of these schemes
are paid by suppliers in proportion to their sales volume and are passed
through to the power consumers by way of a premium on the kWh end-user price (Basilgan and Christiansen, n.d.). Aim is to help the market
advancement of sustainable power source innovations, particularly for power
age. FITs put a lawful commitment on utilities and vitality organizations to
buy power from sustainable power source makers at a positive cost for each
unit, and this cost is generally ensured over a specific day and age. There are
several technology types of renewable energy sources that are supported by
feed-in tariffs. They are: Solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy,
biomass energy, biogas energy, hydro energy and tidal energy. It is logical
that rates are not the same for every of these energy sources. They are
determined for every single one and different costs are taken into account. After
rates are determined contracts are being made which are ensuring investitors
long-term stability. These contracts are lasting typically from 15 to 25 years.
By having these contract investitors are willing to invest money in renewable
sources of energy. Also, sustain in taxes frequently incorporate “tariff
degression”, a system as indicated by which the tax value tumbles down
after some time. This is done with a specific end goal to track and empower
mechanical cost diminishments. The objective of bolster in levies is to offer
cost-based remuneration to sustainable power source makers, giving value
sureness and long haul gets that assistance back sustainable power source

Generation payment – You’ll
get an age installment for each kWh of power you produce, regardless of whether
you utilize it yourself or fare it to the Power System. The rate per kWh
differs relying upon factors, for example, the generator write and measure. To
give financial specialist sureness, Age Duty rates are to a great extent
settled all through the span of your FIT assention; however will move in
accordance with the Retail Costs List (RPI) to guarantee swelling is

Export payment – For
every qualified generator associated with the Power System, a fare installment,
as of now settled at 4.5p for every kWh will be accessible. In spite of the
fact that this rate is settled (and RPI balanced) again the Legislature has
maintained whatever authority is needed to change the fare rate should they
think of it as suitable to do as such. Fare installments are made
notwithstanding the age installment. On the off chance that your generator is
‘off-lattice’, you won’t have the capacity to send out power thus won’t be
qualified to get trade installments.


The Government sets minimum FIT rates which
are priced to offer around a 5-8% return on your investment, based on average
calculations for an appropriately located generator. As an illustrative example
only, if you’ve spent £10,000 on FIT-eligible solar photovoltaic (PV) panels,
you can typically expect to receive between £500 and £800 a year in FIT-related
‘benefit’Feed-in tariffs (FIT) have been a successful tool in the promotion of
renewable energy sources (RES) for many years. According to Bechberger and
Reiche (2004), 18 countries in the
European Union (EU) that use financial incentives to subsidize
and support the development and installation of RES employ a FIT system of some
form. An FIT most importantly guarantees the owner of a RES a particular price
over a set period of time for the electricity produced, thereby helping the
infant technology to be economically competitive with conventional, fossil
fuels. Since their introduction more than thirty years ago, FITs have grown
more varied and complex as they have diffused around the world and been adapted
to different countries’ unique contexts.

of the benefits of FIT include:

•      A reduction in CO2 emissions

•      Protection of the climate and environment through
sustainable development

•      The creation of jobs 


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