A material catering to the needs of all

A portable Travel Tray launched recently by Monkeys and Bananas,
the leading manufacturer of kids products and travel accessories, gives every
parent a new hope to experience untroubled journeys with kids. The product has
some amazing features and is made of premium quality material catering to the
needs of all children aged between 0-5 years. Fulfilled by Amazon and sold by
Monkeys and Bananas, this product is perfect for on-the-go journeys with

The USP of this product as per the words of its designer is,” Our
educational 3-1 car seat travel tray is made of denier polyester with
waterproof coating. This material makes our travel trays Durable and easy to
maintain.” It also called 3 -1 tray because it performs three crucial functions
to make traveling pleasant for the parents as well the kids. the first function
is that act as an educational tray. Its top surface has alphabets with relevant
sweet object pictures that makes the early alphabets learning stage of every
toddler fun and playful.  The next
important function is that it serves as a snack tray, as its flat surface is
completely water resistant and has a deep beverage holder in one top corner so
that the child can enjoy his/her snack meal and drink without littering or
spilling the car seat or car floor. The last but not the least, it has
plentiful large and small pockets and tablet holder which allows the kids to
kill their boredom. They can play games, do artwork, watch their favorite cartoon
and anything else throughout the entire journey.  

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Parents are highly advised to buy this product right away before
they are planning their next car adventure trip. It can be an ideal gift for
new moms and dads on a shoestring budget. It is extremely lightweight and has
sturdy adjustable strap that makes it very convenient to carry like a messenger
bag. It is rectangular in shape and is soft enough for the little babies. It is
a great travel kit for 0-2years infants since feeding them in a moving car is a
very difficult job.

Priced only $19.95, this travel tray will be a valuable possession
of every parent. The good news is that it comes with a Lifetime Guarantee,
which implies unsatisfied customers will either be refunded or will be offered
product replacement.  


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