A is erroneous to have feelings for Catherine.

A View from the Bridge is written by American playwright Arthur Miller, first staged on September 29, 1955.The play is set in 1950s America , near the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, in an Italian American neighborhood.The play includes a chorus and a narrator,Alfieri who is presented as lawyer during the play.Eddie who is a tragic protagonist , lives with his wife Beatrice and her niece Catherine.Throughout the play various relationships are represented between the characters.The relationship between Eddie and Catherine is mainly focused on in the play.There are two different aspects to their relationship.Although Eddie is not Catherine’s father,he is a very strong father figure to her.This is evident when Catherine says:”Cause I always dreamt that when I got married he would be happy at the wedding,and laughing-and now he’s – mad all the time and nasty-“The quotation implies how Catherine wants Eddie to act like her real father and include these father like characteristics in him.The keyword ‘happy’ connotates with joy and laughter.The phrase ‘mad all the time and nasty-‘ hints that Catherine is starting to notice Eddie’s irrational behaviour and is therefore perplexed.She starts to become startled and disconcerted.This is magnified by the use of hyphens throught the quotation;highlighting her confused character.Another staggering aspect of this relationship is that Eddie has inappropriate feelings for Catherine.This is revealed when Eddie says “he’s stealing from me”,Alfieri says”She wants to get married,Eddie.She can’t marry you , can she?” This quotation  suggests that Eddie considers Catherine as his precious treasure,’He’s stealing from me’, the quotation reveals Eddie’s desire and compassion for Catherine.The keyword ‘stealing’ connotates with precious and treasured. ‘She can’t marry you,can she?’ , this is where Alfieri tries to hint Eddie and indirectly reminds him that it is erroneous to have feelings for Catherine. The use of rhethorical question aims at Eddie’s concern and delinquent behaviour.  Eddie is known as the ‘man of the house; hence the audience of the era would want Catherine to be controlled by Eddie.However the modern audience would expect Catherine to make her own decisions by not being held back by Eddie. Throughout the play, the relationship of Eddie and Beatrice is very straightforward yet abstruse. This is evident when Beatrice says “What’s the matter,Eddie,you don’t like me,heh?”This implies that she is aware of Eddie’s feelings for Catherine yet still supports him.Also indicates that she understands Eddie deeply, yet bares him unknowingly showing his desires for Catherine.’you don’t like me’ hints the audience that Beatrice has lost her patience and is hurt.The use of rhethorical question indirectly blames Eddie that he did not give Beatrice his attention nor his love; which she deserved.Furthermore everytime Beatrice tries to bring out Eddie’s feelings he successfully manages to change the subject.This is evident when”I swear B,Im surprised at you; I sit there waitin’ for you to wake up but everything is great with you”. The quotation implies that Eddie starts to make Beatrice feel guilty and put her on the blame .The phrase’wake up’ refers to Eddie’s aspect of Beatrice being innocent and not being able to make the right decision.Moreover Eddie expects beatrice to support him and is astonished and agitated


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