A deterministic model has no randomly defined, or

A deterministic model has no randomly defined, or stochastic, term and so the entire input and output relation of the model is conclusively determined, for a well-defined linear model a unique input will lead to a unique output. when the timescale of the infection is relatively short, this is fine as the probability of chaos would be small and so the stochastic term would become negligible. A deterministic model assumes that its outcome is certain if the input of the model is fixed. Furthermore, adding more detail to the model will increase the level of accuracy in the final answer. Whereas, a stochastic model has one or more stochastic element, and since these will differ with every iteration of the model, unique inputs will lead to different outputs for each run of the model. Multiple runs of the same model with differing stochastic elements are used to formulate probability distributions which can give a prediction for how we would expect the situation to play out. Changing the accuracy of the input data can give wildly different results. Thus, stochastic models are generally not solved analytically. A stochastic model is seen to be more informative than a deterministic one as it accounts for uncertainty and is more reflective of varying behavioural chaos. The deterministic model derived in section 3.1, since it assumes the population is well mixed and will continue to stay in this state throughout the epidemic, says that everyone in the population will become exposed, and eventually infectious, within a few weeks. However, as awareness of the outbreak and its spreading methods grew, individuals are less likely to have as many interactions and so this model is break the well mixed assumption. Therefore, it can be assumed this model has limitations when modelling over a long time scale.  The stochastic model in section 4.1 assigns a probability figure to each town depending on how close they are to other towns with known infectious individuals. Despite being seen to be advantageous compared to a deterministic model, the ILM model xxx.


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