A counselor, they must limit themselves even more

A counselor is meant to be many things to the student. They are supposed to be a confidential source for venting while also being able to have a healthy relationship to create bonds and trust with students. A counselor must also be knowledgeable of that specific schools resources and programs. They must also be able to collaborate with other professionals to ensure all students academic, career, and personal/ social needs are met.    As a counselor they are essentially needed to build relationships with students by interacting with them, showing a sincere interest in the students personal lives/ problems and spending time with them until the student feels safe and accepted. Interacting with students helps build a friendly relationship that allows the peers to feel accepted and as if they can say anything that is on their mind and not worry about judgement, gossip, or getting a bad response. As a student, not everyone feels comfortable to just tell a stranger what is going on. When a counselor takes the time to go out of their way to make a connection with the student, that student will feel like they matter and their feelings matter. This opens many doors allowing the counselor to be able to successfully do their job and help the student find ways to cope with their personal issues.     As a counselor, a healthy respect for themself as well as others regardless of culture, race, ethnicity, or sexual identity is needed to be an effective counselor. Knowing their own bias’ and setting limits for themselves is a very important part of being a counselor. Although there is a lot to being a counselor, they must limit themselves even more is that person struggles to deal with young children or elderly people.    Counselors are known for the function of talk therapy as a form of self exploration by a client or student. The counselor must also be able to guide others in the experience of learning to increase his or her level of self-awareness and self-understanding. Along with such needed knowledge, school counselors need to follow certain ethical guidelines to ensure that students, parents, and school staff receive the highest integrity of the schools counseling program.    Counselors are expected to do much more than just be an emotional support for students. Counselors work to help students find direction for career paths as well as giving them reliable resources such as websites, job programs, or even alternative school programs to reassure students that they always have other options or other opportunities if the basic opportunities are not necessarily available. Some students may be stressed about more than just bullying or abuse, some stress about financial issues, future plans, and even how people will see them if they don’t succeed the way they originally intended to. This means counselors have to be able to support and motivate people who are struggling with things even more complicated than bullying or “home issues”.    A counselor may also focus on what is causing a student to have in class issues. They may assess a students abilities through aptitude assessments, interviews, and individual planning. The counselor can also identify issues that affect school performance such as poor classroom attendance rates or stress levels based on that students academic history.


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