A clinical expertise and experience. I had the

A manager is someone who has the
responsibility to direct people, materials, and time effectively. Managers are
responsible for meeting outcomes and achieving goals, while leaders are looked
to for guidance and have the responsibility of influencing and inspiring. A
leader is a role model, and a manager is someone who coordinates to accomplish
goals. A good manager should also be a leader (Cherry & Jacob, 2017). A
formal leader on my unit is the charge nurse who is an authoritative leader as
well as an expert in her skills and knowledge. The informal leader on my unit leads
quietly and is brilliant in patient care (Cherry & Jacob, 2017). Nurses seek
advice from both leader types because of their clinical expertise and

I had the opportunity to interview a
middle-aged, female ED manager who has been in nursing management for twelve
years. She describes her leadership style as friendly, informal, and fair. She expects
others to do the right thing, but is not afraid to call them out when they do
not. Some of her responsibilities include resolving conflict, scheduling,
hiring, firing, and improving efficiency. Before nursing management, she owned
her own business for seventeen years, cultivating experience with hiring,
firing, and payroll. She felt as though going into nursing management was a
natural progression. She decided to go into nursing management to make nurses
happy, because she believes a happy nurse makes a better nurse. Her greatest
challenge in nursing management has been dealing with nurses who do not take
responsibility for their own education nor seem to learn from their mistakes.

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She is still trying to figure how to encourage nurses on her unit to take
responsibility for their own education. When it comes to delegating, difficulties
have been experienced, as she feels no one is willing to put in the work like
she does. She has resolved these difficulties by following through with the
person she has delegated to in order to make sure her expectations are being
met. Her greatest accomplishment has been managing happy, consistent nurses that
has led to a lower turnover rate on her unit.  


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