– a big part of the Egyptian culture

Purpose:  Discuss politics and social relations,
religion and spirituality, and U.S. interests in Egypt


Politics and social relations:  Egypt engages
in bilateral political and social relations internationally

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   — Egypt currently maintains strong relations
in the Middle East with countries such as Iran, Iraq, Israel, Palestinian
Authority, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia1


   — President Trump and Egyptian president
Abdel Fattah El-Sisi share common policies such as combating terrorism, ending civil
wars, and increasing economic prosperity2


   — Egypt is a member of security councils and
foreign affairs in Europe, Asia, and South America3


– Religion and spirituality:  Religion makes up a big part of the Egyptian


   — Egypt
is primarily a Muslim state, only 10% of the population is of Christian or
other faith4


   — Islam
is held in such high regard that businesses and schools do not operate during
prayer times, and Islamic holidays


   — As a Muslim state the religion dictates
most government policies, economy, and social aspects of life5;
which contributes to its political effectiveness in the Middle East


– U.S. interests: 
Egypt is of interest to the U.S. due to many political and strategic


   — The
partnership is critical to the stability of the Middle East and North Africa attributable
to Egypt’s location in both regions6


   — Egypt is actively working towards
defeating ISIS, which is a major priority of the U.S.7


   — Egypt has
the potential to deconflict in countries such as Iran, Syria, and Libya due to
its position on the League of Arab States8


   — As an ally
of Palestine, it provides a means to negotiate with the Palestinian Authority
to maintain peace with Israel9


– Conclusion:  This paper discussed Egypt’s politics, social
relations, religion and spirituality, and U.S. interests


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