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A government shutdown has ended in the United States of America. President Donald Trump’s concerns are not the amount of spending as such but on a separate issue. It is the issue of renewing a legal status for the “Dreamers”. The “Dreamers” are those people who were brought into America illegally as children. During shutdowns, government funding is often limited, limiting people’s right to state funding and benefits that may well help them in their day to day lives. It was reported that in the 2013 shutdown, under President Barack Obama; around 850,000 workers were put on leave a day which totalled in 40 percent of the federal workforce. This figure is astounding and a shock. It means people who previously had the right to work were now left helpless without a job. This also links to the principle of liberty and how their freedoms to work were put aside during the 2 week shutdown in 2013.During shutdowns, new patients are not allowed to be accepted into clinical research at the National Institute of Health. This would mean those who called the hotline for help about diseases went unanswered. This may well have been detrimental for somebody who required this information in order to see if they were seriously sick of easily cured. The centers for disease also ceased to function, which is a detrimental instance where many peoples right to healthcare is affected. In the case of a government shutdown, passport and border control is also affected. This can be a harsh pill to swallow to those anticipating holidays in the states. Passport services are also shutdown, which in turn impacts those who may well need a passport renewal to travel for work purposes or to simply leave the country or enter the country on holiday. This affects people’s liberty and right to travel and do as they please.This year, President Trump has urged agencies to remain open if they are funded outside of the annual appropriations process which is where they don’t require a separate bill every year for how much they will spend on certain services such as energy. Social Security and Medicare are said to be primarily unaffected. This is good as it helps to maintain peoples access to state funding if they need it and more importantly, their access to healthcare. Head  start programs receive funding on the first of every month from the government. This means that the shutdown will only affect them if it lasts till February 1st. In 2013 it was reported that six states closed their Head Start preschools due to lack of funding and this in turn left 6,300 low-income children without a school to attend.The Internal Revenues Service can still process tax returns however it is not issuing tax returns or performing audits or examinations. This could affect the people who are looking to buy a house for example. During the shutdown, their mortgage application may well be delayed if the provider is unable to verify Internal Revenues Service data as part of their checks. This year, in terms of health agencies, the National Institutes of Health, just like in 2013 can not accept new patients for clinical research and to answer their questions on the hotline about medical help. The Indian Health  Services clinics will continue to provide health care. The centers for Disease control and prevention however, have a reduced ability to respond to outbreak investigations, process lab samples and to run its 24/7 emergency operations center. This may well be detrimental, particularly in the fall season where people continue to get sick. To conclude, a lot of services have been affected despite the presidents urges to keep open to the public as many services as they can. The lack of funding makes this nearly impossible for some. Shutdowns take away citizens rights to things like health care, state-funding and help. It can also be seen to take away their liberty to live how they wish to as they were restricted during this shutdown.


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