The Westward Expansion has frequently been viewed as the fundamental topic of American past, in the beginning to the end of the 19th century as the main reason in the shaping of American history. Large areas of land in the regions of Texas, California, and Oregon urge United States to move to the west after the Declaration of independence. Some Part of the territory was acquired by negotiation with the settlers while the other part of the territory by war with Mexico. Americans believed it is the countries Manifest Destiny to spread and multiply in this land. Most of the people supported the ideas of United States expanding its territories while others did not support this idea of the expansion on political, financial, and ethical motives. The issue about Americans moving to the western territory has continued since the 19th century.

After United State gain their independence, the country was occupied by people from different parts of the world, which most Americans believed that it signifies the start of a new generation. Therefore, the time has come for the country to forget about what happened in the past and focus on the future. Americans believed that the country has the purpose to be countless country and to prosper. Nonetheless, for the country achieving its destiny of becoming prosperous, the country needed to expand its empire and with the help from God, America will become great. Notwithstanding, the nation has the potential to grow. The people need to have their choice and right to vote.  But for this destiny to manifest, the country need to fulfill its mission to the whole expansion of the principle of the nation, hence freedom of persons, trade, business pursuits, and equality. This is the destiny that need to be accomplished no matter what it takes. It is the believed that American has been chosen to expand on earth and with the blessing from God, nothing can stop the country destiny from coming true.  “Who, then can doubt that our country is destined to be the great nation of futurity”. (O Sullivan, Advocates Manifest, p. 231, line 13)

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