Sigmund Freud’s psychodynamic theory is about how to explore
a person unconscious thoughts and emotions so from there we can have a
better understanding about him/her consciousness. So we can say that the main
focus of the Freudian theory is that we can have a better understating of
the consciousness. So we can say that the part that many anthropologists
were interested in, is the part of the conscious and the unconscious of the
mind. This can be due that anthropologist have been interested in interpreting
symbolic expressions, processes, the role they play in emotional experiences,
meaning creation, dream, fantasy, psychic conflict, and most important for them
as anthropologist how culture and other contexts shape these areas.  These can be for example the interpretation
of myth, rituals, their symbolic content or the relationship between symbolism,
gender, sexuality and unconscious. Anthropologist always consider the fact of
effects in social change, stability and globalization in their interpretation. Anthropologists
are also interested in cultural psychodynamics “the study of the complex
relationship between the subject, the variation of individual subjective
experience, and the sociocultural context in which these processes are embedded”.

So we can say that Anthropologists are interested in Freud’s psychodynamic
theory of the mind because it helps them interpreting the meaning of different

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