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5 Amazing Milk BenefitsWe all have heard how milk benefits us in various ways, not to mention how our parents used different means to make us drink up the milk. The first time we enter this world it’s the milk that is our saviour and for all the mammals around the world. Even though as adults we are aware about the benefits we still tend to ignore drinking it as we have found more tastier drinks than it. But the question is ‘are we going to realise our mistake before it’s too late’. Let’s have a look at some of the milk benefits which I am sure you would not disagree with me and may be you would rethink before saying no to milk againFor healthy bones and teeth we require calcium and milk is one of the best source. Kids need it for the growth stage but adults require it to keep the bones strong and keeps the osteoporosis at bay. A pre-requisite for calcium is vitamin D which is essential and a medium for absorbing enough calcium to build strong bones. An interesting fact our bones and teeth consist 99% of calcium present in our body.Did you know milk benefits your heart too? This was proven through a study conducted by Dr. Mark Houston, milk contains potassium which is beneficial in reducing the risk of heart attack. The daily intake recommendation is 4700mg for adults as per Indian Council of Medical Research. But cow’s milk also has cholesterol which is also one of the factors that result in heart attack, so care should be taken and follow doctors recommendation.Bet all the muscle builders knew that milk also helps in muscle building, it contains around 20% whey and 80% casein a combination of both slow and fast protein. It also helps in weight loss, yes it does as there are low fat or fat free milk which seem to provide same milk benefits minus the saturated fat.The ladies would be quite familiar of how the milk helps to keep our skin soft and supple. It helps in keeping our skin hydrated and helps with complexion too.It helps in relieving stress too. It contains a particular protein called lactium which has been found to result in lower levels of blood pressure and reducing cortisol, the hormone when released causes stress.


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