5.1 issues regarding Islam revolves around ‘war’ and


organizations determine which stories to cover and how those stories are
treated. Journalists who have preferences for influence or career concerns that
can be furthered by being published may have the opportunity and incentive to
add interpretation and content to their news reports. This
research investigated  the
perception from  Unisel’s journalism
students on the western media news coverage on Paris attack through CNN. The
results of this study indicate there is some bias in the way the media depicts

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with Muslims assassins are more likely than those with non-Muslim assassins to
be labeled terrorism. The consequence of religion on labeling terrorism in this
study suggests that media portrayal have influenced the public, generating an
association between Muslims and terrorism. This side effect can be seen in the
increased likelihood of participants to use the terrorism label when presented with
a Muslim perpetrator, regardless of other variables, confirming the initial
hypothesis. The coverage made by the CNN has shown that there are still few negative
labeling made towards Islam in association with terrorism. This is clearly
shown in the findings where most of the coverage on issues regarding Islam
revolves around ‘war’ and ‘terrorism’.


conclusion , it is believed that the western media are still feeding the International
readers with a wrong perception towards Islam as a whole although very little
coverage on the reconciliation efforts made for Islam and the West. This paper
is thus hoped to be as guidance for future journalists in portraying a more
fair issue concerning to Islam and Muslims. Islam is a religion of peace. Thus,
it is expected that Islam is not being labeled as such and Muslims in general
are not represented negatively despite the association of certain Islamist
groups in so called terrorism.








5.2 Recomdation


on the findings and conclusion of the study, here are several recommendations
that can be considered :

Journalists and organizations should try harder to appear more transparent to
their respective publics.


outlets has to stick with reporting factual information.


Media reduce the influence of advertisements on media coverage so that it is free
of influence from some sort of outside pressures; some outside source.


that, recommendations
for future research are this study had only focused on Universiti Selangor,
Faculty Communication, Visual Arts and Computing, it is recommended that
further studies be carried out on students from other colleges and faculties to
see whether there are any similarities in the findings.


addition, more academic studies should be conducted to determine a precise answer
on the question of media bias- whether such bias indeed exists.


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