1. Describe
and give the proper care of a film cassette

dropping it, put cassette in bag if expecting a mess and clean monthly.

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2. List
the three properties that determine efficiency of a screen.

x-ray to light conversion, and little to no afterglow.


3. Define
and describe fluoroscopy.

time imaging of the movement of internal structures with a continuous beam of


4. What
is a caliper and what is it used for?

         A Caliper is a device that measures
anatomical part thickness


5. Define
latent image.

image, Formed within the emulsion od the x-ray film when the xrays and light
activate the silver particles in the film emulsion.


6. Describe
proper film care.

should be stored in individual envelopes specific to the patient. Stored
upright in slotted shelves, and stored in a temperature controlled area.


7. List
and describe the three qualities of a good darkroom

be large enough room that one person can fit and open 14 X 17 cassette on a
counter or a hanger. Must be organized and clean. The darkroom door must be
light tight


8. List
the five basic steps of film processing

         Hang, Develop, Fix, Wash, Dry


9. List
the basic maintenance procedures recommended for an automatic processor.

chemicals, check solution level, check replenishment rate, check temperature, check
roller operation, clean roller racks, and clean tank.


10. Define
density and contrast  

is the degree of darkness and/or blackness of the image (Quantity of the beam) and contrast is the differences in densities between two


11.State the
standard changes made to kilovoltage to alter the penetration of x-rays and the
standard change made to milliamperage to alter radiographic density.

Increase kilovoltage to increase penetration.

Increase milliampergae to increase radiographic density 


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