Project manager should report to the head of the organization with the goals that can catch up in the organization with the data analysis and reports of the project. He should setup the meetings including all the project leaders to update the work progress in the project.Project management officer can reply to any of his primary office to upgrade the aptitudes, limits of his experience to impact the endeavour. He should intimate the progress of the project.  The achievement of project management might simply depend on the place of the project manager within the company. The eventual reporting location of the project manager is greatly reliant on whether the organization is project- or non–project-driven, and is the project manager responsible for the profit or loss.Project managers can end up reporting both high level and low level in an organization during the process of the project. During the scheduling stage of the project, the project manager can report to higher level of an organization, whereas during operational phase, he may report to the lower officials. Similarly, the positioning of the project manager will be reliant on the risk of the project, the size of the project, or the client. With a particular ultimate objective to distinguish and react quickly and to ensure brisk essential administration, lines of correspondence should be the most restricted possible between all levels of the affiliation. Finally, it should be prominent that still if the project manager reports to the lower level, he should have the right to interface with higher executives during project development although there may be two or more reporting hierarchy between the project manager and executive officers. At the differing end of the spectrum, the project manager should have the right to go directly into the pits of the organization instead of following the chain of command downward, mainly during planning phase of the project. According to my thinking: 


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