The use
of tobacco has increased over the years, individuals have easier access to
tobacco product compare to past generations. Based on my research I found that
the leading cause of death around the world was the leading causes of
preventable illness and death. The utilization of tobacco has been connected to
various tumors and some perpetual lung sicknesses, for example, emphysema and
bronchitis, coronary illness, pregnancy-related issues, and many other serious
health problems. Tobacco is meanly smoked, chewed, sucked, or snuffed, and its
mainly made from totally or partly leaf material.. Tobacco product contains
nicotine; due to this addictive ingredient individuals become addicted to the
product and are unable to function without the use of the product on a daily
bases.  Some countries have passed
legislation restricting tobacco advertising and have a system set in place to regulate
individuals who are allowed to purchase tobacco products. Plus, systems are
even put in place to restrict where individuals are allowed to smoke tobacco
product, in order to reduce the risk of second hand smoking. 


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