Q:     What environmental factors influenced management style at Disney?

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1.    Walt Disney is the company heralded as the world’s largest entertainment company and management is very much vital for the direction of the entire entertainment industry. Hence, some environmental factors that influenced the management style at Disney were its reputation as the world’s largest company being in the entertainment sector, it management out of the box way of thinking, its adventurous ideas and whimsical thoughts brought about by its employee’s multi-continental nature which controls over the entire Disney’s talents that brings many concept and characters to life. 


Q.     What kind(s) of organizational structure seems to be consistent with “Dream as a



2. Entertainment business needs organizational structure for them to function, develop and grow to its full potential as a business organization. Thus, with Disney’s famous phrase “Dream as a Team” some organizational structure that seems to be consistent with it were the matrix –project structure, bureaucratic structure, and Team structure, where bureaucratic structure according to Weber, M. 1948, have a certain degree of standardization and are much better and well suited for a more complex and larger business organization like that of Disney with a clear chain of command, well-defined tasks and a clear defined roles and responsibility. Along with matrix-project and team structure which is much flexible in responding environmental changes and in dealing with its multi-continental employees, where Disney’s “Dream as a Team” is a very good concept that encourages independent and innovative thinking which is very much effective in driving their employees to be in their most creative way to meet the entertainment company’s parameters and objectives.


Q.     How and where might the informal organization be a real asset at Disney?


3. Since, the informal organization describes the network of social interaction that takes place in companies, likewise with the entertainment industry, outside its scope of structures and formal channels of management. Thus, an informal organization can be a real asset to Disney through empowering their employees by leaving room for their creative juices of ideas to flow, stressful relationship reduction among the different level of management structures, and most especially in the enterprise’s social and human resource relations.







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