this research, we have questioned what have we learned in order to reduce
stigma? What types of interventions regarding aids have been tested and how
successful have they been?  Is there any
chance to reduce or possibly avoid the HIV stigma or has there been an
increment on stigma?

itself affects an individual in many aspects; we should focus on the measures
on attitudes that reflect fear of infections and transmission from casual
contact with people living with HIV. Also we can measure Victims through their
process of coping with HIV, which we can focus on the attitudes that reflect an
individual infected with HIV. Another method to measure stigma would be to
measure both interpersonal forms of discrimination such as isolations and
institutional forms of discrimination; for example being denied health care
because of HIV or having any problems at work due to your disease. And lastly,
we can measure through your partner, how are they going to feel and react if
they are aware of their significant other having HIV.

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