1. partners from other agencies, identify steps in

What is physical design and how can it help or hinder crime prevention in urban


The Physical design will implement CPTED principles and it can help to support community crime prevention goals.  The design process for a community does not increase the costs to residents or business owner.
Community connectivity can help to encourage and sustain the
capacity for self-policing and discourage crime and antisocial behavior and
other environmental modifications, such as sidewalks and community parks, have increased physical activity while helping to reduce obesity to be
considered as a starting point towards developing crime prevention using design strategies. It is the design,
maintenance, and use of the built environment in order to enhance quality of
life and to reduce both the incidence and fear of crime. This principle helps
deter access to a
crime target or victim and creates a perception of risk to a perpetrator. Community and City Staff aware of
Crime Prevention through Environmental Design and implement creative solutions
whenever possible. It will inform developers, design professionals and the
public of the possible reduction of criminal opportunity when CPTED principles
are used during the initial planning stages of a development to describe design
alternatives which could have an adverse affect on opportunities for criminal

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 2. How can the
concepts of territoriality and natural surveillance help determine design
techniques and guidelines to help deter crime?


This reduction is achieved by employing physical design features that discourage crime.It is intended to share
information on terminology and the process with partners from other agencies,
identify steps in the development process. This study is conducted to
assess the perceived safety of the public during recreational activities in
selected urban parks.  These strategies will overlap in practice.
That it is possible to use the built urban form to reduce opportunities
for crime. This
Recommended Practice provides guidance the use of crime prevention through environmental.  A design concept intended to
make intruders easily observable, natural surveillance is promoted by features that maximize visibility of
people, parking. Each report presents the program options and management
issues in a topic area, based on a review of research and evaluation findings,
operational experience, and expert opinion on the subject and three main design concepts, effectively makes
a presumption that an abundance of natural surveillance, access control
and territorial reinforcement will reduce the fear and
incidence of crime. This article
presents an overview of theoretical perspectives that explain the relationship.


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