1. on concrete floor and I had to

For as
long as I can remember, since I was a kid, I have always had a huge passion for
adventure and traveling. I have been tremendously fortunate to have the chance
to travel to many places at such young age. I have seen Ireland, Italy, Mexico
(Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco), Grand Canyon, Seattle, Portland, Florida,
Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Bahamas, and plenty more. To travel and seeing new
things is what feeds my passion for traveling. Traveling teaches you to
challenge yourself and try new experiences, my visit in Mexico I stayed in an
old pueblo town my mother was from and the shower was simply a large tub on
concrete floor and I had to boil the water just to take a warm bath. Italy has
taught me to learn their passion in food and make pasta by scratch.  I learned that I am very spontaneous and I love
to live in the moment, traveling has made me more open minded with trying new
things, has broaden my mind in so many ways. Most importantly, traveling has
taught me to appreciate the little things in life. If I never traveled, I wouldn’t
be the person I am today.


lessons and knowledge in traveling has helped me run my business in by providing
an enjoyable environment for tourist. To provide a wide variety of foods and accommodations
that ensures the peoples interests. Traveling will help run a business by having
strong communication and being accustomed to working with diverse and variety
of guest by staying in tune with them. Most importantly, traveling has taught
me to open my eyes and enjoy every minute; so, by running a business in
hospitality management taught me to be polite, welcoming, and guarantee guests comfortable
and are enjoying their stay.

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