1.4 modeled in Indian Himalayan glaciers. · The

1.4 Research 

Research focus to determine a climate change  in Himalayan region. These research outcomes will assist in assessing
the relationships between temperature, precipitation, and advance and 
retreat of the glaciers. More specifically, Research will cover interrogation

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• For advance/ retreat of the glaciers what climatic conditions are
required ?
• What are the characteristic response times of the glaciers?
• Are the variations from basin to basin a result of micro-climate conditions, 
  valley specific
topography, or glacier sensitivity / response time?
• What does the climate reconstruction (compared with other
proxy records) tell
   us about past changes
in the Glaciers,
Ocean and atmosphere?


Possible Outcomes

•       Modeling tools for the assessing glacier health
and linkages with hydrology
of glaciated catchment.

•       Sensitivity analysis results, leads in the
discussion of glacier.

•       Climatic parameters necessary for the glaciers
to advance to find out the postion of moraine, debris, terminus.

•       Modeling tools for the assessing glacier health
and linkages with hydrology
of glaciated catchment.

•       Past study will beneficial for the comparisons of the different modeled in Indian Himalayan glaciers.

The model results will be informative for concluding result for the study area in the
Himalayan Glaciers and Geomorphology map.


There are four spell to this research. Stage one includes simulating the
glacier as it is today, followed by a series of sensitivity tests ( to
investigate the roles of temperature, precipitation, run-off etc.). Stage two, Is to force the glaciers out to
the dated that include debris, moraine, and snout positions. Stage three involves the glacier & hydrology model.


Comparisons between moraines, snout, debries
past records showing the changes in 
glaciers. Stage four is the discussion and
comparison of the different glacier and their chronologies with regards to the
model results and other past study records in the study region of the research.


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