1.1 the project designated by industrial attachment company.


This chapter describes the overview of the project
designated by industrial attachment company. 
Section 1.2 provides the company background during the industrial
attachment followed by the background of the problem in the next section.  In section 1.4 until 1.6, the project
objectives, scopes and deliverables are formally specified.  The importance of the project is explained
and project planning is illustrated in the following section.  This chapter ends with a summary of the

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Company Background

Prestige Atlantic Asia is a global leader in providing
solutions to the paper and packaging industry. 
It provides the complete solutions for the corrugated fibreboard
industry by using HP Integrity Servers to underpin its Windows-based ERP
solution for all clients in the Asia Pacific region.  Prestige Atlantic Asia has many branches in
Asia such as Philippines and Indonesia. 
The main office is located in Sri Petaling, Malaysia while the research
and development office is located at Bukit Jalil.  The company provides software focussing on
the carton or packaging services only. 
It delivers variety kind of software from business management to
machinery manufacturing such as CPS Enterprise.

In the other hand, Prestige Atlantic Asia has been and
leading the industry in Asia for 23 years. 
The company won some awards such as MSC Status Company and SME100 Award
2013.  They are struggling hard to
achieve the company objective which is to equip customer with the right
technology and innovation to streamline business and manufacturing processes to
help the customer stay ahead and gain maximum leverage.

Prestige Atlantic Asia is still growing and expanding
their business using the Software Engineering approach to build high-quality
software products.  They have already
achieved ISO Standard 9001.  Even though
the company does not produce Software Engineering documentation, they are
planning to implement it in future.

Business of Prestige Atlantic Asia

The company provides a wide range of software
deliverables.  The main software provided
by Prestige Atlantic Asia is CPS/Enterprise where it is a management software
for Corrugated Carton Manufacturers.  The
other most popular software developed by the company is Pmix/3.  Pmix/3 is a fully integrated enterprise Sales
Entry, Inventory, Mobility and Barcode, Logistic and Accounting business
software for Paper Mills Manufacturers. 
There are also other software products developed by the company which
are e-Green Waste Collection ERP, CPS Cloud Converting Carton ERP and retail
eXpert, a Paper Retail ERP.      
Introduction of CPS/Enterprise

CPS/Enterprise is the existing product of Prestige
Atlantic as it is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution software for
corrugated carton manufacturers that provide complete business management
widely used in the packaging industry in
Asia.  Figure 1.1 shows the function and
features of CPS.


Function and Features of CPS

Structure of
Prestige Atlantic Asia

Prestige Atlantic Asia has less than 50
permanent staff.  This company does not
have many departments so that the top management is able to manage and monitor
all staff. Figure 1.2 shows the organization structure of Prestige Atlantic.


Figure 1.2
: Organization Structure

Background of the Problem

In the packaging industry, there are many machines that
are used together such as corrugator, die cutter and printer.  Some of the manufacturers use two or more
machines simultaneously.  It is difficult
for them to monitor each machine at the same time without a display screen of
all machines.  In order to control the
machine, user needs an indicator or a display screen to monitor the status of
each machine as well as to maintain it. 
It is required to regularly and accurately capture and record various
readings from gauges and monitors of their assets.  This is when the speedometer becomes handy.

The speedometer is widely used in the manufacturing of
carton.  To be able to develop virtual
speedometer in the software will improve user experience.  There are few virtual speedometers available
to get from another source.  However,
most of them have limited function and quite expensive to buy.  Thus, the company intends to produce a
virtual speedometer to meet customer demand.

Virtual speedometer helps to show real-time machine status
(Yuan, Tang, Liu, & Li, 2013), as well as total visibility
and accountability.  It is a powerful
tool that can be used to display a specific dataset utilizing an indicator that
moves within a circular range to indicate whether the monitored data is within
defined limits.  The virtual gauge meter
displays numeric values in a graphical manner.

In the company, COBOL is used as the main programming
language for software development. 
However, COBOL language does not have a built-in function to develop a
virtual speedometer without help from any other component. COBOL has limited
function as it is a legacy language and it does not have rapid improvement of
new technology by the community. 
Furthermore, COBOL is lack of supporting animation.  The programmer cannot use COBOL to do
animation such as graph, gauge meter and interactive multimedia.  Some of the programmers still use COBOL due
to some reasons such as its portability, simplicity and security.  COBOL is still used in the company with
AcuCOBOL-GT compiler as COBOL performs faster than other programming languages.

Virtual Speedometer is a control where it will be used
in the Production Menu of CPS as shown in Figure 1.1.  In Production Management, the system runs
corrugating and converting schedules, machine integration to corrugators and
converting machines.  Besides, the
functions of CPS software are to monitor machine efficiency and to analyse
performance.  During the production, the
status of the machine cannot be monitored clearly and accurately because there
is no display screen to monitor the reading of each machine.  Current status of the machines is displayed
separately and manually.  In order to
monitor machine efficiency and analyse the performance of the machine, the
virtual speedometer is needed. 
Therefore, a virtual speedometer needs to be developed in order to
monitor and maintain the machines during the manufacture of carton box.  An appropriate software control type is
needed for the development of virtual speedometer control.


Project Objectives

The objectives of this study are named below:

To identify the current issue
in supporting animation in COBOL.

To study the suitable control
type for AcuCOBOL-GT in the development of virtual speedometer control.

To design and develop the
speedometer control using selected control.

Project Scope

The aim of this project is to develop Virtual
Speedometer Control for the company to be implemented in most of their products
especially CPS.  Instead of printing
digital value, speedometer helps the client to read and record the meter
reading easily.  This control will be
built using selected software control type.

The scope of this project is limited to the use of
AcuCOBOL-GT Compiler and COBOL Language because it is mainly used in the
company.  The control types should be
able to implement with AcuCOBOL-GT.

Project Deliverables

The deliverables of the project are as follows:

Virtual Speedometer Control

Software Requirement
Specification (SRS)

Software Detailed Design (SDD)

Importance of the Project

The project is important because of the following

The control will enhance the
functionalities of the CPS Enterprise system produced by the company.

The control uses to measure and
display the instantaneous speed or rate of the machine state for the purpose of
maintaining a sensible pace of a machine.

The virtual speedometer control
provides better interaction between the machine and the client.

The application control will
help to boost the company visibility and trust.

Chapter Summary

This chapter presents an overview of the speedometer
development and the benefits that the organization can gain by using the
control.  In this chapter, few methods
are discovered to implement virtual speedometer into AcuCOBOL-GT.  In the following chapter, these software
control type will be discussed in depth.


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