1.1 supporting the world earnings of more than

1.1  Tourism


Tourism is one of the most rapidly growing
industry in the world, supporting the world earnings of more than $300 billion. Tourism in India is economically
important and it is growing rapidly. The World
Travel & Tourism Council calculated that tourism
generated ?14.02
lakh crore or 9.6% of the nation’s GDP in 2016 and supported 40.343
million jobs, 9.3% of its total employment. This shows the importance of
tourism and its economic development in the country for its economic growth and
being the 2nd rapidly growing sector than oil in the world. (Jaswal SS (2014) Role of Tourism Industry in
India’s Development.)

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Tourism like any other type
of industry has its own admissions of positive and negative effect that one can
see but by the help of the locals of the place and people of the nation,
Tourism provides a leisure and peaceful time to the traveler’s who are indeed
looking for some leisure time from work and life in the urban areas of the
world. Tourism being one of the important economic generating sectors in the
country, today its valued and served better after understanding its importance
and position; being one of the contributing factors to the nation.


Tourism industry is solely
dependable on the tourist; if they do not feel safe and secure about the place
they are travelling, the trust and security of the travelers have not been gained
and the destination image is on stake. Many of the places today have suffered a
lot due to political instability and decrease in economic growth; as most of
the places, tourism is the only source of income and job employment in the


Tourism does not only create inflow and outflow
of people but also creates connection and modes of income through its linkages
with various other factors like, transport, destination management,
beautification of the destination, creating filming opportunities and number of
other options through which people can gain income through.


1.2 The importance of tourism


Tourism can provide economic opportunities for countries by
attracting foreign

visitors and earning foreign currency. Thailand earns 6.5
percent of its Gross Domestic

Product from tourism. For many countries, tourism is
essential to their economies and in times of recession, can help provide
employment for individuals and pro?t for business organizations. Tourism is a
dynamic and high pro?le industry which is a social

phenomenon touching most countries of the world and
affecting their people.


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