1.1 course specific information onto our website. This

1.1   Explain
the role of their own occupation within an organisation and industry.

My role within the NHS is based
on working within the Education Centre. 
The Education Centre runs, organises and manages a verity of different courses
and events. Within this my role is to organise and place hospital staff on courses.
These courses come under the name of Leadership courses; these help develop all
members of staff from band 3 up and train them on matters such as “difficult
conversations”.  We have to apply to get
the room bookings from KMC, the Dorford Centre and the Education Centre.  If the Course will run off site (Dorford and
KMC) we file a purchase order.

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Once the logistics of the course
has been set up and organised we release this information including the time
and date as well as any other course specific information onto our website. This
is then followed by emails about booking onto courses. To Keep track of all our
different courses and what stage each is at i.e. if they have been confirmed,
we place them onto our spreadsheet data base so all our information is easily accessed
and clear to see if needed. As well as this I cover reception on a weekly

The role I play is important
within the Education centre to allow all the different courses and training
events to be kept separate allowing each team member to have specific roles. This
provides an easier way to work and increases efficiency. The Education Centre’s
role within the Hospital and NHS is vital; it keeps all staff up to date on relevant
training and information essential for there jobs.

1.2   Describe
career pathways within their organisation and industry.

This Position within the NHS has
given me future career prospects and opportunities that other roles might not
have done.  Due to the NHS being such a
vast and growing organisation it allows staff to have great mobility of careers
and job positions. My role specifically as an administrator who has experience in
a busy reception and relevant experience of data bases and spreadsheets, means
that I could move to any other administrative or receptionist role on a band 2
with relative ease.  This is mainly other
departments such as HR or a role in a Medical department dealing with patient

Additionally as my role includes
the level 3 Course in Business and Administration and a year’s worth of relevant
experience I could move up a band to band 3 which are roles with greater responsibilities
and experience required. This role is the first step into a career based within
the NHS as an Administrator.

Alternatively with the skills I
will have acquired I could move outside the NHS and take up an administrative role
in workplaces such as the council or private companies.  This job is the perfect starting position to
allow me to move forward and into different areas and levels of administration.

1.3   Identify
sources of information and advice on an industry, occupation, training and
career pathway.

Within the NHS there are several different
ways I can gain information on relevant aspects of my job. The intranet the NHS
has is vast and has several links to different sections of information.  There are links to Human Resources which will
help any career advice and help maintain a safe and comfortable work environment.
 Other links included a staff notice
board which allows staff to communicate about upcoming events or any information
individuals wish to share with everyone; the corporate policies, safe guarding
and the education centre for training courses. The intranet has a great depth
of information.

There are multiple unions for
staff in the NHS; there is the IDU union which is for administrative and
clerical staff. This has its own website so if I needed information on how to
place grievances or specific queries related to my role this would be the place
I would go to found out and gather information.  Additionally there are unions outside the NHS
for administrators with roles in different companies such as university administrators
such as the AUA. Also Citizens advice would be able help if I needed some assistance
on future career prospects and my occupation and my rights within this role.

Further information sources I could
gain relevant and specific knowledge from would be my co-workers who are also perusing
similar roles to me. They would be able to advise me on any training that would
be beneficial for me to undertake, or any other ways to further my career
wither it be other job positions that have come up or help me achieve a level
of work worthy of promotion. Linked to this would be me gaining information and
advice from my line manager; as its in her best interest to help and support me
as it improves the work environment. This includes how to improve my skill set
and if she thinks I would benefit from further training.

1.4   Describe
an organisation’s principles of conduct and codes of practice.

The codes and conducts of the NHS
are vast; the main principle is that the trust upholds a culture of openness,
transparency and honesty.  NHS’s founding
principles are; that it meets the needs of everyone, it’s free at the point of delivery
and based on clinical need not ability to pay. These codes of practise are
vital to the effectiveness and smooth running of the NHS, it ensures that all
staff have certain requirements to meet wither there a surgeon or a receptionist.

Some of the most important codes
of conduct and principles come under data protection.  It is vital that all staff respect an individual’s
information. In our office the data protection relates to ensuring that no one
who doesn’t have the authority or needs to see the sensitive information. This includes
encrypting emails when they contain patient information or other sensitive
documents. This ensures that the patient have trust in the NHS and that there privacy
is respected. Additionally any documents that have information about money or
purchase orders we have to ensure that we don’t leave them out on the desk
whilst other people could view them.

The dress code within the NHS is
under there codes of conduct. Staff based in office environments need to wear
suitable smart causal clothing. For example you don’t have to wear a suit and
tie but it isn’t appropriate to be in the work place wearing jeans. Clinical staff
also has a dress code that they must wear their uniforms when on the wards to
improve hygiene and to allow patients and staff ease of identifying there
position.  One other example of a code of
conduct is the staff’s behaviour.  It is important
for staff to follow the codes laid out. For example there are correct ways of
dealing with complaints or difficult situations. An individual might want to
act upon these situations differently but these codes of conduct protect both
the patients and the staff and insure that everyone deals with occurrences in
the correct and NHS way. These codes ensure that everyone is protected and all
the correct procedures take place after an occurrence. There are also other aspects
of the behaviour codes of conduct that included fulfilling your role to the
best of your ability and respecting the work environment and others you’re
surrounded by.

1.5   Explain
issues of public concern that affect an organisation and the industry.

The NHS is an organisation that
has to deal with a lot of public concern because of the nature of its role and
the size of the organisation. As the NHS is a public service it receives a lot of
scrutiny and public attention. There have been many new headlines highlighting public
concerns in the past and there will continue to be in the future.  Concern about the NHS is at an all-time high
the Independent claims from June last year. This can be seen to stem from lack
of founding to grow and change aspects of the NHS needed to improve and develop.

A current public concern for not
only DCH but hospitals throughout England is that operations have been
cancelled due to chronic winter pressures. Every hospital in the country was
ordered to cancel all non-urgent surgery until at least February. This directly
concerns the public as the NHS is struggling under the pressure and not enough
support is being given to help ease that. This means patients will have delays
on operations they might have already been waiting on for months.  This can lead to impatience from patients that
have had operations cancelled and a cause from more concern over the NHS than

1.6   Describe
the types, roles and responsibilities of representative bodies and their relevance
to their own role.

Trade Unions are in place for
several reasons the main being to look after the interests of their members. They
are a representative body, employees and other workers have the right to be
accompanied at a disciplinary or grievance hearing. They have a union
representative. Often, the union representative, will be a workplace
representative who is also a co-worker and will support the employee on the
board meeting. This is relevant to me if I had a grievance strong enough to
raise a complaint I would go to the IDU union to get there representation.  A voice form an individual isn’t as loud and listened
to as a group of people all saying the same thing. That is the basic principle
of trade unions and this is how it is relevant to me as I would need to have
more weight behind any claims I would make and a trade union facilitates this.

Professional bodies and
regulatory bodies are health regulatory authorities (under the Health
Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003) that are responsible for the
registration and oversight of practitioners in health professions. An example
of one relevant to my job and within the NHS is the “NHS improvement” which is an
organisation that brings together a whole umbrella of teams including Trust
Development Authority and Patient Safety. 
There are also individual professional and regulatory bodies such as the
Nursing and Midwifery Council and the Health and Care Professions Council. The one
professional body most relevant to me would the General Medical Council as it
is for all health care staff and they are responsible for regulating and controlling
the education and training, which my role is involved in.

Citizen’s advice is an
organisation that provides information and advice for people on issues or concerns
they may have and improve policies and practices that may affect them. They offer
free, independent, confidential and impartial advice to everyone on their
rights and responsibilities. They stand for Diversity Equality and challenging discrimination.
Therefore if I had a questions about my work place and wither it was treating me
and others with equality or discriminated against me I would seek there help. Additionally
if there were concerns about my rights to holiday or sick leave I would ask the
help from this organisation.  


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