1.1 are too busy, this may distract the

1.1 Explain the requirements for
language, tone image and presentation for different documents.

The language used within a business document is essential because it sets the formality
of the document. Using the incorrect type of language could lead people to
misjudge the significance of the subject; For example if you were to send a
letter of high importance using improper English and slang, then the intended
seriousness of the subject could be misunderstood. However using formal
language and professional vocabulary would portray the message with the
originally intended high importance. Tone
Setting the tone when writing business documents is very important as you are
representing your company/business when writing. You need to know your audience
and purpose in order to create the correct tone for the subject of the
document. Using the appropriate attitude can make a big difference, for example
if the tone of writing suggests you are not taking the customer serious, then
they will in turn not take you seriously and this can impact  the whole company by coming off as
unprofessional. Image & Presentation
Image and presentation is by far one of the most important aspects of running a
successful business. This dictates how customers and other businesses perceive
you. Creating and preserving a professional image is widely based on how you
present your business documents, meaning you must be consistent in using
correct grammar, sentence structure, punctuation and spelling. Presentation
should always be kept to a high standard because using incorrect
information or poorly written/structured documents will cause others to see you
as not serious and unprofessional. DocumentsTypes of business documents used are;Business LettersTouting LettersEmailsLeafletsMinutesNewslettersReports   

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1.2 Explain How to Integrate Images Into

When using
images within your business documents is it important to understand the tone
and context of the document in order to choose images appropriate for the
documents subject. You must choose images that are relevant to the topic and
that suit the formality of the document. Selecting images that have nothing to
do with what you are writing about may cause confusion for the reader, also if
you choose images that are too busy, this may distract the reader from the
initial context. Therefore you should choose high quality images that fit in
with the subject in order to capture the reader and keep them interested.
Alternatively, if you are using images in order to instruct someone on how to
do something, again you must choose high quality photos that are clear, simple
and easy to view and understand.  

1.3 Describe how corporate identity
impacts upon document production

identity impacts upon document production in various ways. In order to maintain
your corporate identity, you must depend on a certain logo, tagline etc.  and keep that consistent throughout the whole
company, which can be a lot of effort. Little tasks like sending letters can
end up becoming time consuming and expensive as you must use paper printed
especially with the company logo and/or tagline on. Big companies with
different branches in different places will suffer from this impact the most as
you must ensue that the corporate identity is kept up throughout the whole
business at all times, meaning if the corporate identity changes at any point,
everyone in the company that is involved in document production must be
made aware straight away. 


1.4 Explain the requirements of data
protection, copyright and intellectual property legislation relating to
document production

Data ProtectionIn our
company, we acquire a lot of personal information from our customers due to the
line of work. This can include; customer’s home addresses, phone numbers, date
of birth, financial situation etc. This means that we must follow the ‘data
protection principles’ which are as follows:They must
make sure the information is used fairly and lawfully.Used for
limited, specifically stated purposes.Used in
a way that is adequate, relevant and not excessive.Kept for
no longer than is absolutely necessary.Handled
according to people’s data protection rights.Kept
safe and secure.Not
transferred outside the European Economic Area without adequate protection.Keeping
in line with the data protection principles means we must have our own system in
place in order to ensure none of these principles are in breach. In regards to
document production, we must have locking filing cabinets to store our files,
so that only authorized employees are able to access them. Also, when dealing
with customer’s bank information, it must be shredded as soon as it has served
its intended purpose so that no one else can get their hands on it.
Additionally our files, which usually include customers ID’s, must be destroyed
after 7 years . Copyright & Intellectual Property


“Having the right type of intellectual property protection
helps you to stop people stealing or copying:

•the names of your products or brands

•your inventions

•the design or look of your products

•things you write, make or produce


Copyright, patents, designs and trademarks
are all types of intellectual property protection. You get some types of
protection automatically, others you have to apply for.


You own
intellectual property if you:

•created it (and it meets the requirements
for copyright, a patent or a design)

•bought intellectual property rights
from the creator or a previous owner

•have a brand that could be a trade
mark, eg a well-known product name


property can:

•have more than one owner

•belong to people or businesses

•be sold or transferred”




is required relating to business documents because we have our company logo on
all of our documents which is what we are recognized by, and we also use the
internet to market our properties which means when we upload photos of our
properties to lots of different websites, without the intellectual property
legislation, other people could copy the photos and use them for different purposes.
Additionally, if we did not have copyright and the rest of the intellectual
property rights, anyone could steal and use our company logo to distribute
documents under our name and mimic our company; Our brand logo/name could be
exploited/misused to try to retrieve sensitive and/or personal information from
our customers or potential customers, which is why these rights are so important
in relation to document production and the protection of company owned




1.5 Describe organizational procedures for version

Version control is very important within our organization. Before
publishing/distributing details (property particulars) of a customer’s property
to the public, we must have the consent on the details from the vendor.  There is a version number on each set of
property particulars that is produced, meaning in order to edit the content, you
must produce a new version (with a different version number). We
use version control to prove that the set of details we are distributing
matches the version that the vendor has consented to. Version control is also
relevant when producing a ‘Memorandum of Sale’, which usually records the
details of the price being paid, the details of the seller and buyer and their
respective solicitors. Details of the agreed sale can be negotiated, or
buyers/sellers could decide to change their solicitors, meaning there are
always new Memorandums of sales being produced. Version control allows us to
keep up to date and lets readers know whether they are dealing with the most up
to date version by simply checking the version number.


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