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Brand image of the
company plays an important role in increasing the sale of the products. In
addition to this, brand image and consumer loyalty is considered as the most
powerful weapon in the field of marketing. Brand image can be described as the
perception of the customers, which is perceived by customers while purchasing
the products and services of the company. In the world of competition, it has
become very important for companies to maintain its brand image in the market;
with the help of the brand image, companies can attract more numbers of
customers. Apart from this, it is very challenging for companies to make brand
image loyal. In addition to this, in order to compete with other companies, it
has become essential for Apple and Samsung to conduct effective marketing
strategy, which will increasing the market share and at the same time, maintaining
the brand image in the market. Apart from this, if the brand image of the company
is good then wants of customers will be satisfied.

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Customer loyalty is
also important for companies to compete in the competitive market. In order to
have the loyal customers, Apple and Samsung provide discounts and effective
offers to customers.   With these, both
the company will be able to attract new customers and at the same time, it will
be able to retain the existing customers. In addition to this, customer satisfaction
can also be considered as the indicator of the customer loyalty and it is
regarded as if the customer is satisfied with the brand of the company then
customers would surely be loyal with the brand. In addition to this, it is very
important for companies to make some strategies, which will help in retaining
the customers. This will help in increasing the financial performance of the
company and at the same time, it will have a competitive advantage in the

Background of the company


Apple Inc. is an
American multinational technology company. Company’s headquarter is located in
the Cupertino, California. In the year 1976, Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve
Wozniak founded Apple Inc. Tim Cook is the CEO and Arthur D. Levinson is the
Chairman of the company. The hardware products of the company include iPhone
Smartphone, the Mac personal computer, iPad tablet computer, the Apple TV
digital media player. The company provides many services to its customers such
as Apple store, Apple Pay, iTunes Stores, iCloud and others. Apple’s consumer
software includes iOS and macOS operating system. As per the reports of the
year 2017, there were more than 499 retail stores of the company. In the same
year, the company was able to generate net income US$48.351 billion.


is a South Korean company and it is headquartered in Samsung Town in Seoul.  Lee Byung-Chul founded Samsung in the year
1938. Most of the mobile companies has used 
one or two operating system, Samsung has used several operating system
such as Windows Phones, Symbian, Samsung’s proprietary Bada and Linux-based LiMo. However, in the year 2013, Samsung has dropped
all the operating system except Android and Windows Phones. Samsung
is the world’s largest manufacturer of the smart phones and at the same time,
with the popularity of Galaxy version, the company is able to compete with
other mobile companies in the world. As per the reports of the year 2016, the
total revenue of the com


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