1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background Facebook company’s app for

1.1 Background
Facebook company’s app for power users, Facebook Mentions rolled out a new feature that is the ability to broadcast live video streams in August 2015. Initially in the United States after six months later began a slow rollout for normal users as the feature Facebook Live now branded . The competition. Meerkat steadily demolished as the feature was late arriving, slow to roll out in classic Facebook style. The South by Southwest Festival in March that year went meteoric in February 2015 as It’s launched mobile app and the company which ignited the live streaming craze. Shortly after the event ended its time in the sun was limited, eclipsing Meerkat almost instantly by Twitter subsidiary Periscope launched its own, technically superior, live-streaming service. The phenomenon of having 20,000 people watching pedestrians trying to navigate a large puddle in Newcastle, Periscope dominated live streaming, peaking, bizarrely for almost a year. There’s very little most competitors can do to keep it from rolling over them like a juggernaut as Facebook’s sheer scale ensures that when it sets its sights on an area. It also has thrown resources at it’s live streaming product. Nextly ensuring that it’s a success, thanks in part to orders from the very top by all devoted extensive developer time, ad budget, and media partnerships. Chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg see the product as instrumental to the next stage of Facebook’s growth and personally support it. He also added from his own periodically “going live” on his own Facebook page to answer questions from users has been one of the most prolific users of the feature.

A distraught father in Turkey, upset that his daughter got engaged without his permission, committed suicide on Facebook Live as shocked viewers posted reaction emojis and pleaded for him to stop The violent scene unfolded as Ayhan Uzun, 54, of Kayseri in central Turkey, was speaking directly into the camera before he suddenly pulled a handgun with his left hand and fired a single shot into his temple. Immediately after the gun goes off, Uzun falls out of the frame and collapses to the floor by Joshua Rhett Miller(October 24, 2017 ).
A distraught Turkish father broadcast a speech and his own death on Facebook Live. The 54-year old man put a pistol to his head and pulled the trigger upset his daughter had gotten engaged without his permission by Nicolas Vega (October 25, 2017). To broadcast graphic violence and self harm it’s only the latest instance of the platform being hijacked.
According to a translation of the gruesome clip provided by Mirror Online, Uzun said just before killing himself that Goodbye, I am leaving, take good care of yourselves. He also added that was choosing to end his life because his daughter didn’t seek his permission prior to getting engaged earlier in the video. Nextly, Uzun said I do not want the ones who put me in this position to attend my funeral and I’m livestreaming tonight, this is my will. Her happiest day in a telephone call from his wife, Uzun said he learned about his daughter’s engagement. He also said nobody treated me like a man and nobody asked me. His father in law approved his daughter’s wedding, took his place and without having a right. No one knows the father is still alive. Come father be with us, though he waited for his daughter and family say to him. He insisted that don’t didn’t want anyone else to experience the pain was enduring at the time for some of the people who viewed his final moments will call this a show.

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Moreover, he stated before ignoring pleas from friends and relatives to not end his life, a little later I will put an end to my life with the gun I am holding in my hands. Later Mirror Online reported that found his body, which was taken to a morgue for an autopsy. In a statement of a spokesperson at Facebook to The Post said the video has been removed from the site and it’s deeply saddened the company. On Facebook, We don’t allow the promotion of suicides. Organizations around the world providing assistance for people in distress and want people to have a safe experience. Furthermore, the spokesperson also added it’s powerless to keep its live-streaming platform completely free of instances of self-harm and suicide
A quick look on other cased that happened recently, a Cleveland man gunned down a 74 years old in April last year and also a 12-year old Georgia girl hanged herself on January while broadcasting on Facebook Live and live streaming the murder for the world to see. As a result, end of last year Facebook is adding 3,000 people to its community operations team and to police content on the site, on top of the 4,500 it had as of March. Besides that, look for instances of possible self-harm, Facebook also uses a computer program to analyze live streams. The program will notify a company staffer who can monitor the situation and contact proper authorities if need be if spotted.

1.3 Research Framework

As to achieve the objective of this research paper, the researcher have focus on three main independent variable (IV) that can affect the perception of Shah Alam residents towards Facebook Live suicides. The first independent variable (IV) is the visual content to respond toward the suicides when it happen. Besides that, verbal content also important IV on this research and lastly accessibility.

1.4 Research Objective
1.4.1 To study the visual content on Facebook Live Suicides in Unisel Shah Alam Students perceptions
1.4.2 To study the verbal content on Facebook Live Suicides in Unisel Shah Alam Students perceptions
1.4.3 To investigate the accessibility of Facebook Live in Unisel Shah Alam Students

1.5 Research Question
1.5.1 What are the visual content on Facebook Live Suicides in Unisel Shah Alam Students perceptions
1.5.2 What are the verbal content on Facebook Live Suicides in Unisel Shah Alam Students perceptions
1.5.3 What are the accessibility of Facebook Live in Unisel Shah Alam Students

1.6 Significant of the Study
The significant for this study is to know what the Unisel Shah Alam students perception towards the Facebook Live Suicides . From the study researcher can know the feeling of Unisel Shah Alam students after they knew about theFacebook Live Suicides. The aim for this study also to know what medium that Unisel Shah Alam students always use to get the latest news or updated information that related with Facebook Live.

The result can be the student get the news either from traditional media or modern media. Beside, researcher also needs to know did Unisel Shah Alam student think accesibilty of Facebook Live in among them. From study also researcher can know Unisel Shah Alam student perception towards Facebook Live Suicides. Is it the proper way of using Facebook live or not. This study also can be use as references for them to find relevant information that they can rely on. The findings of the study researcher can get the result for the entire question that will be asking to all the respondents.

1.7 Limitation
Due to the time limitation, the researchers only able to select 30 random sample from Unisel Shah Alam, Selangor area. Other than that, the researcher also need to find only those who have knowledge about the suicides incident and have been using Facebook Live. Other than that, the limitation that faced by the researcher is the weather and the complexity of using SPSS. Thus, the researcher are using Microsoft Excel to analyse the data by using the countif formula.

2.1 Introduction

This part will discussed about theoretical background which will briefly explained some of the past research that have done by other researcher about misuse of social media and also expressing their feelings on social media. Other than that, this part will also explained one theory that can be relate with the topic of this research paper.

2.2 Theoretical Background
In order to get to know the topic of the paper better, the researchers have thru some of the journal and article about misuse of social media and also expressing their feelings on social media. The researcher also have gone thru some of the reported news about the incident in national, international newspaper and also past research. Some of the journal that the researcher come mostly from other research appear about the crisis management.

The first literature review explained about the misuse of social media is an incident that could threaten the existence of the organization by Gervais, Sarah in 2016. She also stated that when a person exposes themselves to more social media, they face more problems such as addiction, cyber bullying, and exposure to inappropriate content, and psychological effects.

For the next literature review, others researcher Knorr, Caroline(2016), define misuse of social media as when used properly It’s a social media handy tool either it can cause a lot of problems when it is not used efficiently. It can be also an events that may affect the health of users and the environment surrounding communities

2.3. Past Research
2.3.1 Misuse of Social Media

According to Rohan Miller and Natalie Lammas from The University of Sydney(2013), social media is a potentially powerful medium for finding key consumer influencers, engaging them, and generating brand advocates and In the last decade there has been a major shift from traditional media.

Other researchers, Rebecca Schein,Kumanan Wilson Msc, and Jennifer Keelan (2010), even though there is a big concern in social media as a device of public health correspondence,the study values the effect of social media campaigns for public health is still in its early stage. They also summed up social media is becoming a greater summation to the health communicators.

According to Gwendolyn Seidman(2013), the use of facebook to satisfy belonging and self-appearance needs. Extraversion was affiliated with bigger use of facebook to connet with people. The inspiration to show these self-characteristics related the relationship between neuroticism and self-declaration.

2.3.2 Expressing Feelings on Social Media

Furthermore, It’s has changed behaviour inside and outside societies by Li and Bernoff in 2011. Social media has provided new possibilities and draws on the thought a positive analysis and external information. Nextly, social media has made societies transparent in unparalleled way as it proved in studies.

Last but not least, while emotional sharing is self-rewarding (Csibra & Gergely, 2011; Tamir & Mitchell, 2012; Tomasello, 2009), the theory of social sharing of emotion suggests that it can also stimulate social interaction and improve interpersonal connection. Both positive and negative emotion are frequently shared in daily life . Positive emotional sharing elicits positive feedback from others (Diener, 2000) and facilitates social interactions (Augustine, Mehl, & Larsen, 2011). It allows one to re-experience and enhance the positive emotion (Langston, 1994; Rimé, 2007, 2009)


Suicide has a very tough social element. The sector of sociology developed upon the understanding that suicide scale differentiates with sociological elements,that suicide is not a physical existence. (Kearl, Michael C., 2004). The recognize ourselves by the dictum and routine thar we learnt in the society,by the discipline and character that different social category we belong to mirror for us. (Kearl, Michael C., 2005).
When we have improved a sense of self,we are allowed to involve in the build up of social reality with other people and provide explanation to our life and activity. (Kearl, Michael C., 2005). The cause of sociological opinion of suicide was known by a french sociology Emile Durkheim.The growth in scale of suicide,crisis and reconstruction can disturb social unity found by Durkheim. He also claimed that these bonds develops for a long time which leaves both individuals and groups deteriorate the sudden break and time of weak or nonexistent social relationship. (Kearl, Michael C., 2005).
An economic bloom can disturb the social arrangement and growth of the scale of suicide and problem can actually cause people to become more closely together. It is found by Durkheim that suicide scale were increased in certain social class: single people, Prostestants, and city-dwellers(Kearl, Michael C., 2004).The deficiency of concrete bonds with other people or groups leave people fighting with their identity,life-meaning and sense of belonging. “No individual is sufficient unto himself, it is from society that he receives all that is needful” told by Durkeheim. (Kearl, Michael C., 2005).

3.1 Introduction
This chapter will discuss the methodology and the result comes out from this research. The
enlightenment of this subject and how respondent will be choosing will be a description of the
arrangement use. This chapter will describe how the questionnaire will be giving to the
respondent, the population use to achieve the goal for this study, the sampling method use to
select the respondent and the data analysis for this study. Then, the result allowed the researcher
to examine the variables and to draw explanatory inferences.

3.2 Research Design
The research design that use for this research proposal is s cross sectional survey that gather
quantitative data. The survey is a questionnaire consisting of closed ended questions that
measure the perception of Shah Alam students towards Facebook Live. The perception that will be measures such as a accesibilty of Unisel Shah Alam students to respond towards Facebook Live, the visual content and verbal content of facebook live suicides.

The survey is create by the researcher and conducted using a computer program supported at the University of Selangor. The students who studying in Unisel Shah Alam will be choosing to participate in this research and researcher will distribute the survey questionnaire to the respondent to be answer. The objective of the survey will be telling to the respondent so thatthey can answer the question given.

3.3 Research Population
For this research, the focus population is Shah Alam residents which is 11,000 people. The
sample will be selected randomly from the population and to avoid any biases, the sampling
will be random sample which is everyone in the population have the chance to be selected as a
respondent. This data from the respondent will be then analyse and be experimental in order to
know the perception of Unisel Shah Alam students towards Facebook live. The reason choosing a students from Unisel Shah Alam because near with the researcher. https://studymalaysia.com/where/profile.php?code=UNISEL

3.3.1 Sampling Technique
For this research, the sampling technique will be use is simple random sampling which isresearcher creating a sample from a large population. In Unisel Shah Alam, population of students is 11,000 and the sample only 30 respondent. When using a random technique, researcher can select randomly from the population and each individual will have an equal chance to be selected throughout the sampling process. By using random sampling process, the researcher can choose a sample which is representative the population and to make sure the statistically valid the conclusion. Researcher will give the questions to them who are in Unisel Shah Alam and will explain to them what the objective from this research so that they can answer the question with a true view.

3.4 Data Gathering
The researcher will collect back the questionnaire that has given to respondent and will analyse the data in order to get the result for this study. The questionnaire will be key in Microsoft Excel to get the relevant data for this study. Then the data will be show in graph or pie chart to get the percentage for each sectional question that has answer from the respondent. The data will be analyse at the end to know how students in Unisel Shah Alam perception towards Facebook Live.

3.5 Statistical Analysis
In this study, researcher will gathering data using use a primer data and secondary data. Primer is collecting from the questionnaire that has answer from the respondent and the data comes from the researcher. The secondary data is using a data or research that has been developing before from other researcher or other journal in order to get the valid result for this study. The data that has been gathering will conclude this study and make this study valid at the end.

3.6 Conclusion
The methodology that researcher do is based on the observation from the research study. Researcher use a sectional questionnaire and the sampling technique use is simple random sampling which is the respondent can be chosen from the Students in Unisel Shah Alam. From the data collect, researcher will know the perception of Shah Alam Resident towards Facebook Live. Data will be key in and data will be analyse in order to get the result for this study.


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