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Discover The Abode of The Heart

A Time-Honored Approach to Adopting a Spiritual Lifestyle That
Leads to Permanent Spiritual Transformation. Our Approach
Includes Abode of the Heart Meditation, Full Shakti Awakening,
Chanting, Witness Consciousness Techniques and More.
Programs In Western Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Love is the highest goal of Human life. Here we examine and experience how to immerse ourselves in that Love without distinctions.
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“Spiritual life cannot be sustained without Love. It cannot be sustained without the experience of the Abode of the Heart, that purest place within us that reflects Light, Love, Compassion and Forgiveness everywhere. Going to this sacred place within is how we remember the Self. This is how we realize that Love, Peace and Joy are who we really are. This is the only way to permanent spiritual transformation.”
~ Kedar

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The Art of Inner Transformation is a time-honored spiritual approach to healing and whole life transformation that is experienced by coming to know and love our true nature. It is based on the teachings and practices of the Yoga of the Siddhas, the spiritually perfected or Self-realized Love beings. These teachings and practices include Shakti Awakening (shaktipat), meditation, chanting, witnessing awareness techniques, selfless service and more. This approach is one of complete fulfillment in the realization of the Abode of the Heart, the highest spiritual center and resting place of the Self.

A great being has said that the Heart is the most sacred of places, and that we should go there and roam. Our approach is embodied in honoring this most sacred space in everything and everyone, in everyday life. Here, we learn to live in a state of Grace. Enveloped in Humanity and Dignity, experiencing the Abode of the Heart allows us to master all the energies of our lives.

Life is the embodiment of the Self. It is a privilege given to us for realizing our True nature in the moment, from moment-to-moment, in the transforming Love and Light of the true Heart. This transforming Love of the true Heart already exists in you in its fullness. When fully realized and properly expressed, this Love will burn away all that you are not. Here we learn how to embrace and reflect this Love and Light.